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 We all love vacations. After coming back from one I always look forward to the next one. Planning a trip is not an easy task and also if you are someone who travels a lot and whose healthy lifestyle goes for a toss when travelling you have come to the right place.  Travelling can throw […]

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Indian foods to eat after tooth extraction

 Never in my dreams did I imagine that I would have to go through a tooth extraction. But sometimes you cannot avoid it due to various circumstances. For me the decision was the best to cure my problem. The very process of tooth extraction can feel daunting but it’s a simple most common surgery performed […]

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10 Must have equipment’s to workout from home

  This pandemic has changed our lives in many ways and one of them is the idea of working out. We usually think that for exercise we have to hit the gym, go for a run outside but little did we know that we could workout from the convenience of our home. We all are […]