Overcoming guilt after binge eating

Are you feeling guilty after binge eating?Here are 5 easy tips on how to not feel guilty after eating.

It’s the weekend you have been waiting for after a long tiring week. We all look forward to weekends, don’t we? It’s our time to relax, unwind, spend time with our families and friends, go out and indulge in some tasty food. I mean how can I say No to the pizza or the cheesecake […]

Easy Vegan Recipes

Easy Vegan Iced Coffee Mocha Recipe

Coffee Mocha has been one of the most popular beverages in the variety of coffees available across the world. It is an expresso based drink containing chocolate powder, syrup and preferred choice of milk. It is also known as a variant of caffe latte. It is known by many names like- Mocaccino, Mochaccino. This beverage […]