About Me

Hi Everyone!

My name is Tanvi. I am basically from Delhi but have lived in various cities in India all my life. I have always loved sharing my experiences and thoughts in the form of writing and I feel that blogging is an effective way to share my stories with others. I am a believer of self care and my aim is to learn something new each day.

When it was time to decide which particular niche should I write about I was unable to pin down to a particular one. I love writing about so many things like weddings, fashion, travelling, food, home decor, fitness, self care tips, relationships, my real time experiences, product reviews, promoting Indian local brands and small new brands. So then came to my mind that It would be unfair to not share my opinions about so many things and that’s when I thought of focusing on a holistic approach and decided to pin down The lifestyle niche. This is where thelifestylebee happened.

The reason why I choose my title as ‘My Wholesome Voyage’ is because this blog is going to be about various things, things I want to share, things that are part of my journey to help people create their own wholesome voyage.Hence the name My Wholesome Voyage.

You can also visit my profile on Pinterest and Twitter. For any query contact me from the Contact Us form.

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