A Royal Affair- Kiara Advani and Siddharth Malhotra Wedding Diaries

The wedding took place in the Royal State Rajasthan. It took place in Suryagarh- Luxury hotel in Jaisalmer. The venue was as royal as the couple. The Shershah couple undertook extensive research to decide on the venue. As seen in the pictures the venue was perfect for the grand wedding.

The Shershah movie was no doubt one of the best movies made till now in India. Not only the storyline but the chemistry between the Co-actors- Kiara Advani and Siddharth Malhotra was sizzling. As an on-screen couple, the public was in awe of the couple. We all loved them in the movie. But the best part was the chemistry was so strong that it went from on-screen couple to off-screen couple. As the rumours of their relationship spiralled, that they become one of the most loved couples of Bollywood and why not? Both of them are stunning, good actors and are classy. The Punjabi Munda and the Sindhi Kudi took our hearts away when they decided to tie the knot.

There were many things that I totally loved about their wedding and some of them were-

1. The Sweet Intimate Affair-

Earlier the Bollywood shaadi’s were grand with countless guest list. But now, there is a trend of intimate weddings not only in the world but also in the Bollywood. Sidkiara opted for an intimate affair. Their guest list mainly included the families, friends and few relatives from both the sides.

The best part about intimate marriages is the proximity of the people. Marriage is one of the important step in one’s life and it should be celebrated along with close friends and family. Unlike those big fat weddings where you are lost amongst the crowd and are unable to enjoy it.

This is one of my most favourite part about the Bollywood intimate weddings and Sidkiara wedding was the perfect example of the intimate wedding.

2. The Royal Venue which promoted the Richness of The Indian Heritage-

After a lot of speculation, Siddharth and Kiara revealed their wedding location. Located in Jaisalmer in Rajasthan- The Suryagarh fort. The venue was undoubtedly beautiful and breathtaking but what I liked the most about the part was that they both decided to promote India’s culture by getting married in India.

It gave a boost to the tourism of Rajasthan. As more and more people got aware of the location. Now Jaisalmer has suddenly become the hotspot of tourism. Kudos to them, for promoting our rich heritage. Not only that but their wedding provided employment to so many local artists of Rajasthan.

3. The fun filled Mehndi-

Gone are those days when the mehndi function consisted of only ladies. Now-days, the groom and his part of the family takes equal participation in the mehndi function. Siddharth Malhotra himself joined Kiara Advani for the mehndi function. Apart from the mehndi, the function consisted of lot of singing, dancing and enjoying their heart out.

It’s so good to see, both the groom and the brides side of the family mingling together and getting to know each other before the main event. It is a good way to break the ice. I love how comfortable both Siddharth and Kiara’s parents were with each other.

4. From Charismatic Chikankari to Kashmiri weaving-

Kiara Advani opted for a classic off white chikankari lehenga with gold borders for her mehndi function. Her blouse was a pearl breaded blouse and she opted for a golden yellow hand embroidered dupatta. The outfit was breezy and classic for the mehndi function. She is not the only celebrity which opted for Chikankari for her wedding function. Recently, Athiya Shetty had also opted for a chikankari ensemble for her wedding functions. Her lehenga was from the Manish Malhotra Collection.

While Siddharth went for a self toned mustard kurta bandhi with tonal threadwork. He completed his look with a intricate Kashmiri woven shawl from Manish Malhotra’s collection.

5. The picturesque haldi-

After seeing all the photos of the haldi functions of the celebrities, I always wonder as to how do they end of giving such perfect shots inspite of the messiness. You know what I mean. I am loving the trend of celebrating the haldi function together, after all it’s a function filled with fun and playing around with each other.

After looking at the pictures of Sidkiara haldi, I was not surprised to see how gorgeous they looked even with the haldi on. The duo posted fun loving and breathtaking photos of the haldi function.

6. Orange is the new yellow-

Kiara opted for an orange sharara suit for her haldi. She opted for orange rather than a conventional yellow outfit. What I liked about her outfit was that it was a very different one. I rarely see celebrities wearing Shararas for their own wedding functions. This mastery was designed by the famous designer- Manish Malhotra. The ensemble consisted of heaving zardosi embroidery which is a signature Manish Malhotra design.

She looked fresh and ravishing in the orange outfit which went with the haldi vibe. It’s good to see many celebrities going offbeat with their outfit colours for their wedding functions.

7. The ivory floral jewellery-

We all are well aware of the floral jewellery particularly worn during the haldi event. While even Kiara opted for a floral haldi jewellery. Her floral jewellery was ivory which went with her orange sharara making her look like a proper punjabai bride to be. I love how she opted for subtle ivory floral jewellery rather than going for colourful jewellery as this way it balanced out her look.

This way her outfit got a chance to stand out without getting overshadowed by her pretty flower jewellery with deserved a separate admiration.

8. The royal romantic entry which made everyone go crazy-

We all remember the royal entry of Kiara Advani for her varmala. As soon as the trailer was realised it was the most viewed Instagram video of that day all over the world. It was so good to see the couple in their own elements. I liked how both acted pure Bollywood style and were so comfortable with each other. It is one of those trailers one can never get enough of . Also the rewrite of the Ranja song from their movie Shershah was such a creative idea.

The music, the background and the couple totally stole the show. No wonder they are the most loved couple of Bollywood. So natural, authentic and heads over heels with each other.

9. The Exclusive Manish Malhotra ensemble for the couple duo-

Kiara opted for a beautiful pink hue from the Manish Malhotra collection. It was an ombré shade of pink which is not very common and was out of the box. Even Siddharth opted for an off- white and beige ensemble with the signature Manish Malhotra designs.

After seeing the wedding pictures it was clear that how beautiful Kiara looked in her wedding ensemble. She clearly knew what’s her colour. I love how she didn’t go for all out pink but opted for an pink ombré lehenga. It broke the monotony of a single colour. Also the combination of silver and pink is something which many brides don’t experiment.

According to the sources- 200 artisans spent a total of 6700 hours constructing this majestic version of Manish Malhotra’s vision for the couple wedding ensemble.

10. The softness of the makeup and the hair-

Kiara opted for soft nude makeup for all her functions. She opted for a no makeup natural look. She didn’t go very overboard with her makeup and went for her natural look. For her sangeet she opted for some glam party makeup like going for kholed eyes and glittery eyeshadow. She looked dreamy and magical in all her functions.

In terms of hair, for her wedding day she opted for a traditional bridal bun. For her mehndi she went for loose French braid which looked absolutely stunning on her and for haldi she went for a loose wavy ponytail which is a good option especially for a function like haldi when things can get messy. For her sangeet night she opted for a big textured wavy hair style which went with the evening look.

11. The Blingy Night-

For their sangeet, Kiara opted for all golden glittery ombré lehenga accessorised it with a pair of diamond and ruby studded statement necklace. The ombré lehenga looked absolutely surreal on her fit body. It was a perfect outfit for a sangeet night which consists of lots of dancing and partying till you drop. She looked mind-blowing and party ready. It was a Manish Malhotra masterpiece. The handwork lehenga was made in 4000 hours. The transition from golden to silver consisted of 98000 sparkling Swarovski crystals paired with houte couture stole with marbau feather detailing.

While the groom Siddharth opted for a tailor made velvet sherwani in a combination of black and brown. It was crafted with intricate thread work and Swarovski crystals with a A-line symmetrical kurta.

12. The minimalist couple-

In India, there is a perception that the newly wedded bride is supposed to me in a very heavy and lavish attire. In the early days, mostly all the of brides use to dress up in heavy outfits and jewellery post few days after marriage. This was how a new bride was supposed to be.

But now, mostly girls prefer comfort over these things. Many brides are rocking the minimalist look post marriage. In fact, one should be what one is and not go according to the society’s expectations. Every girl is different and so are the choices. I love how Kiara opted for comfortable simple Anarkali suit post her wedding. It is her choice and we applaud her for standing up for it.

After writing about few celebrities weddings and giving my point of view, I have come to a conclusion that every bride is different and so are her taste and needs. It’s so good to see the modern brides trusting their own instincts rather than going with the trend. Every new wedding has something new and fresh idea to offer. These celebrities weddings are an inspiration for the new age brides to be. I can’t wait for more weddings to happen because I am always excited to see people being comfortable in their own skin.

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