How to motivate yourself to workout during winters? Here are 5 ways to keep yourself motivated.

When we hear the word- winter, the first thing which comes to our mind is the cozy blanket and a hot cup of coffee. Waking up in the morning becomes very difficult and working out in winters is even more difficult. But it’s equally very important to workout in winters to keep our bodies active in order to prevent any injuries and have a healthy body and mind.

It is very important to workout in winters because we live a very sedentary life especially in winters. Most of the times we spend is on our bed or in front of the heater leading to immobility and stiffness in body. Apart from that, many of us indulge in our favourite foods. Hot chocolate, coffee, tea, cookies, pasta and cheese are our comfort foods. To keep the extra calories at bay it’s very important to exercise during winters.

These are my top 5 basic tips which keeps me motivated to workout during winters-


The pandemic got us glued to home workouts. They are very convenient and can be done from the comfort of one’s own home. Home workouts are effective and saves on a lot of time. On a dark Monday morning I would certainly prefer to workout from home rather than going for a run or to the gym. The atmosphere in our houses are warm and gives us more motivation to workout. All you need is a mat, some weights (optional). Also home workouts can be done at any time of the day no matter what the weather is outside. So switch on your phones and start working out from the comfort of your homes. It just takes 30 mins in a day to get your body moving.


Movement of any kind is very important for everyone. When it comes to winters it’s even more necessary because this is the time when people fall sick. No none likes being sick. If you want to avoid falling sick this winters, start with some form of exercise. A lot of studies have proven that exercising at least 5 days a week for minimum 30 minutes can make our body immune to the virus and other type of infections. This is very much needed in winters to help to keep our bodies healthy. So don’t forget to move your body today and keep that cold away.


SAD is very common syndrome which affects many people especially during winters. It is a type of syndrome which affects while there is a change of weather. Days in winters are dark, gloomy. It is either raining sometimes or it’s snowing. This very much affects the mood of the people. Lack of sun in winters makes people sad and not so motivated. So you just cant wait and sulk about it,Right? Studies have shown that exercises uplifts the mood, produces happy endorphins and relives stress. A workout session will not only make you feel stronger but also happier and ready to take on the day.


Injuries are common during winters. Winters causes stiff joints, poor blood circulation due to lack of movement, dizziness and fatigue can make you feel weak. It is very important to strengthen our bones during winters to prevent any sort of injury. Since there is a lack of sun in winters we don’t get the sufficient amount of vitamin D which is great for healthy bones. Exercising daily can certainly make the bones healthy by providing sufficient blood circulation and keeps our joints active. It is very important to always warm up before any exercise as well as cool down. Stretching and yoga can help in removing the stress from the body by improving the flexibility and the mobility.


As I mentioned in the beginning that during winters it is very common to either sit in one place for long hours wether it’s in the warm fuzzy blanket or in front of the heater. Our body slows down during winters as it is busy fighting the cold to keep the body warm. But with this it’s obviously the time when people tend to put on more weight as compared to in summers. Winters is the season of hot chocolate, binging on cakes, sipping hot tea and coffee throughout the day. Those hot samosas, parathas, chole bhatura becomes our comfort food. So inactivity when combined with binge eating can lead to weight gain in winters. So next time you don’t feel motivated enough think about the good food you will be able to enjoy without putting on those extra kilos.

I am sure that these tips are enough to keep you motivated. As I said it is very important to keep our body healthy during the winters. Since exercising has so many benefits for our bodies. It’s high time that we commit to at least 30 mins of exercise daily in the winters. Once you start working out you will automatically enjoy the process and you will get an instant energy and good mood to deal with the dark rainy days of winters.

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