6 Smart Packing Tips That You Will Definitely Need For Your Next Vacation

Ahhhh. Finally the most awaited trip which I have been planning for months is finally here. Yes I know that excitement which we all experience when we are finally going for a vacation. But wait what should I pack? How will I fit in so many clothes? What about the outfit ideas on my mind? And those favourite pair of boots, what about them? Now that can be pretty stressful but at the same time we don’t want to pay for the excess luggage and travel light. But don’t worry, here are few tips i am sharing with you that are easy and won’t take much of that space in your luggage.


Packing cubes are absolutely life saviours. I remember before using them I would dump my clothes in the suitcase which made it very unorganised and I was always unable to find that single top when I needed it the most. But when my husband introduced me to these packing cubes it made my life easier. Packing cubes can not only keep your luggage organised but also saves a lot of space. It makes the packing very organised. I would usually arrange my dresses and tops in one, my jeans and shorts in other and my lingerie in one. Generally packing cubes comes in sets. I would personally recommend everyone to invest in a set of packing cubes for a hassle free and organised packing.


I always pick up big bottles of shampoos, face wash and lotions so that I don’t have to buy them again and again and they last longer. But it becomes a problem when you have to pack them. Right? We certainly don’t want to leave our shampoo, face wash or even the conditioner behind because no matter what but even on a vacation it is absolutely necessary to take care of your skin and hair but also you don’t want to carry those big bottles of shampoo. For this, opt for a mini travel toiletry kit. These are small bottles in which you can fill your shampoo, face wash, lotions, conditioners etc. They are easy to pack and does not take much of space.


When dreaming about the upcoming vacation I always have the outfits I want to wear in my mind. I create a sort of a look book about my looks and accessories and bags. We all do that I am sure. But sometimes it’s impossible to change your clothes so many times a day just for a look. I mean I personally get tired after a long day of roaming around. So I always overpack and end up not using those clothes. For this be very clear of the outfits that you will wear for sure shot. Pack those clothes but don’t get tempted to pack more. Next is to think of the alternatives to that outfit. What if the look I created in my mind doesn’t turn out to be what I expected? For this carry an alternative pair of outfit. But not more than that.


Carrying basic clothes, bags and shoes will save a lot of space in your suitcase. Basics can go with many things and can be paired differently with different accessories giving a new look every time. Carry a basic pair of jeans and shorts which can be paired with many tops. While carrying bags it’s best to stick to basic crossbody bags which will go with every outfit and are easy to carry when travelling. For shoes too, carry your basic flats and heels and pair them with your outfits. Trust me, these basics will help you travel lightly.


Instead of carrying very big pouches to pack your accessories and skin care stick to small travel pouches. They are again very easy to pack and will keep your things organised. They surely will save a lot of place which can be used to keep other things. These travel pouches comes in a set of 3 and will cater to a lot of your needs.


Do you want to carry that warm cozy big coat of yours? Or you want to take those thigh high boots for your next trip? These are a must to keep oneself warm but they take a lot of space in your suitcase. To avoid that, wear your big coat while travelling or put on those thigh high boots to save some space. This way you will not have to worry about the excess baggage or not having enough space in your suitcase.

Smart packing is no easy task. But these small tips and tricks will do wonders for your next trip. It will help you ease anxieties relating to packing and also to avoid those excess baggage charges😜

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