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Easy Vegan Iced Coffee Mocha Recipe

Coffee Mocha has been one of the most popular beverages in the variety of coffees available across the world. It is an expresso based drink containing chocolate powder, syrup and preferred choice of milk. It is also known as a variant of caffe latte. It is known by many names like- Mocaccino, Mochaccino. This beverage can be served both hot and cold.

Origin of Mocha

Mocha is a type of coffee made from a specific coffee bean known as Coffee Arabica. It was grown only in Mocha in Yemen. Now it’s available across the world and is one of the most popular coffee variant.

Coffee is therapeutic, but it’s even better when mixed with a dash of cocoa powder which gives warmth and richness to the flavour. It can make all days better. A cup of coffee with my favourite hobby is all I want.

My Coffee Mocha story

Homemade easy Iced vegan coffee mocha

I remember the first time I had Coffee Mocha was when I was in college. Since the time I discovered it I fell in love with it. There was no going back after that. Since then, I tried it at a lot of different coffee shops and every time I would go out for a coffee date I would prefer mocha. I have to admit that it’s my guilty pleasure, it’s a drink I would want on a tough day to lighten my mood.

The reason why I love it is because it is a perfect blend of sweetness and bitter. The coffee and the chocolate powder together gives a very balanced taste to it. Both the coffee and the chocolate balances out each other giving it a unique taste. Personally I prefer An Iced Mocha over a hot one.

Coffee Mocha is available in various coffee shops, cafés and restaurants. It is eaten with desserts, pizza or sandwiches etc. But going out cannot be always possible. These coffee beverages are a bit high on the pocket and because of that it cannot be consumed daily. After giving up on dairy I was left with very few options. Not all coffee shops had a dairy alternative and that was the turning point for me. So from then onwards I decided to make my own Vegan Coffee Mocha at home. With lots of experiment I finally came to the point where I figured out the perfect and the right amount of ingredients needed to make coffee mocha at home. My goal was to make it easily and with ingredients easily available.

So here are the ingredients which will be needed to make this easy iced coffee mocha at home. Most of these ingredients are easily available at home and even in local stores.

Cooking time- 5 mins

Iced mocha recipe steps
Iced vegan coffee mocha steps


  • Instant coffee powder
  • Unsweetened Cocoa powder
  • Sugar. You can use other alternatives like stevia, maple syrup, brown sugar or even honey (pick your choice)
  • Vanilla essence
  • Ice cubes
  • Warm water
  • Milk of your preferred choice . I prefer using Almond Milk.


  • In a big glass add one tsp Instant Coffee powder
  • Add One tsp Sugar to it
  • Then add one tsp unsweetened cocoa powder ( I prefer the Hersheys one) but you can even go for Cadbury.
  • Warm 5 tbs of water, warm it and then pour it into the glass in which above ingredients are already put.
  • Add one tsp of vanilla essence for flavour and fragrance
  • Then mix it well. You can use an electric blender for mixing it. You can also do it manually though by your hands.
  • Add as many ice cubes as you want
  • Pour your preferred choice of milk.
  • Mix it well and enjoy your iced mocha

You can serve it with your favourite cake or something savoury, that’s completely on what your prefer. I hope you find this recipe easy and tasty. Do give it a try.

Enjoy your Cup of coffee 😊

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