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What to do on 75th Independence Day of India (15 August)

 In few days India will be celebrating its 75th Independence Day on 15th August 2022. The day is observed as a national holiday in India. The celebration takes place in the Red Fort in Delhi.

The celebration starts with the unfurling of the tricolour by the Prime minister followed by a speech. The speech mainly consists of the Prime Minister telling the nation about the development and progress of India,
While remembering the freedom fighters who fought for the nation. 

Apart from the main celebration in New Delhi, there is celebration across the country on local levels. The day is filled with patriotism in every Indians heart. There is flag hoisting in societies, colleges, schools and offices etc. Even the Indians settled outside of the country get together and do the flag hoisting with full zeal and enthusiasm.

Coming to the point, I believe that the importance of Independence Day is something we must pass on to our next generation. Only when we make an effort to make them aware and indulge them in doing something on their level will this be achieved.

Here are few things we can do with our family, kids, friends, siblings or even alone on Independence Day-

1. Participate in Flag hoisting celebration-

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This is one of the activities which always happens on Independence Day, even if you are at your home you can go to your colony’s celebration of Independence Day. Everyone gathering together for the celebration gives a true feel of it. The morale is so high and energetic that you will feel proud of your nation.
Being a part of celebration and witnessing it is a very good way to start your day on the Independence Day. Generally it takes place in early hours or morning followed by a cultural program like dancing or singing.
Small kids take over the stage by dancing on patriotic songs and those gifted which a good voice sing patriotic songs.

2. Watch a patriotic movie-

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There is no doubt that movies leave an impact on you. We tend to forget everything when we are watching a movie, since it has so much impact on us, watching patriotic movies on Independence Day will make us emotional and proud of your country and those who fought for it. Even kids enjoy watching patriotic movies and it gives them motivation to be a good citizen of the country.
Some movies which you can watch on Independence Day are- Border, Lakshaya, swades, rang de Basanti, the legend of Bhagat singh, lagaan, Mangal pandey etc.
These are timeless movies and can be rewatched many times.
These movies are available on Netflix, Amazon prime and Hotstar.

3. Read a book on the Indian History-

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If you are a book worm and prefer books over movies then you can grab a cup of coffee and pick up any historical patriotic book in your cosy corner. If your kids also love reading a book then buy an age appropriate book for them and gift them.
Books can give a very detailed insight of any event. Some books which are patriotic dates back to the partition time.
There are a lot of books on independence of India, partition, hero’s of the nation. 
Some books which you can read are- India wins freedom by Dr Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Indian wins freedom by Jawaharlal Nehru, Midnight Children by Salman Rushdie, India divided by Rajendra Prasad.

4. Paint a Flag at home-

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Get more creative by adding colours. This is a very fun group activity. Paint the tricolour at home with those water colours or crayons. 
This activity will give you a sense of achievement and happiness.
Kids love these type of activities and the best way to indulge them is to do it in a group.
Even a group of adults can try out painting.
Make it a point to get everyone involved.
This is a very enthusiastic activity and you will surely enjoy it.
You can also paint posters related to the Independence Day.

5. Wear ethnic and add a colour from the Tricolour in your look-

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Wear ethnic clothes on Independence Day. Dressing up is equally important to celebrate Independence Day. Now it does not have to be very fancy. 
You can mix and match and wear your clothes and can include one colour from the Tricolour.
This will give a real feel of the occasion and the celebration. You will feel fresh and all ready to go if you are dressed up well.
Spare your pajamas for a day.
Dress up for your Nation.

6. Visit a historical monument-

Gateway of India 🇮🇳 

India has a very rich history and our historical sites are very well preserved by the heritage society’s of India. The monuments can never cease to amaze. 
What better day to visit a historical monument than the Independence Day. 
You can go out with your family and enjoy walking in the lush green Lodhi gardens, or enjoy a peaceful time in the Humayun tomb. You can also visit India Gate,Tuglakabad fort, Qutab Minar. 
If you are in Mumbai visit the Gateway of India.
You can also visit Taj Mahal if you are near Delhi.
Soak yourself in the history of India on this proud day.

Independence Day should be celebrated with eyes filled with proud and enthusiasm. We are here in this independent country only because so many hero’s have sacrificed their lives and their sole agenda was to make India a free country.

Jai Hind!

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