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 Dandruff is a very common hair problem. While some people suffer from mild dandruff and some have a very serious dandruff problem. It is common to have dandruff in winters. Mostly everyone is affected by it. The dryness in winters creates a perfect environment for dandruff. But it can also be a problem when the scalp is greasy during the humid weather. It also affects the confidence of a person mentally and emotionally.

What is Dandruff?

Dandruff is also known as seborrehic dermatitis. It is the excessive shedding of dead skin on the scalp. It is the top most layer of the scalp. The shedding of dead skin is a natural process of the body. The shedding of dead skin takes places so that the new cells come up. The process of shedding and coming of new skin is a natural cycle of the body. 
In severe cases where dandruff is too much it is due to overgrowth of fungus called Malassezia, which belongs the the yeast family. 

Is dandruff a serious problem?

Dandruff in itself is not harmful for the body or for the hair. It does not have any major side effects like baldness or hair fall. The problem with dandruff is the itchiness. It causes the scalp to be itchy. People find this problem to be embarrassing when they find flakes of the dead skin on their hair or clothes.
So dandruff is more of an aesthetic problem and not a serious problem. 

Who is more prone to dandruff?

Dandruff affects both men and women. It is more common in people who have very dry skin or oily skin. It is also common among those who have oily acne prone skin. Dandruff can also cause acne if not treated. 

Causes of Dandruff- 

  1. Not Shampooing regularly- If your scalp is dirty or greasy, it is a sign to wash your hair. In our daily lives, hair accumulates a lot of dust and dirt on our scalp which leads to oily scalp ultimately creating an atmosphere for dandruff.
  2. You have very dry skin- If you are someone who has very dry skin then you might have higher chances of having dandruff. At the same time over washing of hair can also strip the natural oils of the hair. 
  3. Oily skin- Oily skin is also another reason of having dandruff. The build up of oil on the scalp leads to breeding of yeast which is the main reason of dandruff.
  4. Too many hair products- Using too many hair products can also cause build up of yeast. Experimenting too much can cause inflammation of scalp which can lead to an outbreak resulting in flaky skin.
  5. Weather Factor- Weather plays a very big role when it comes to dandruff. If you live in a very cold or a humid environment you are more susceptible to dandruff. Sometimes dandruff is seasonal and so you might be prone to dandruff in winters or summers. 
  6. Age- If you are an adolescent then it’s likely that you have more dandruff. It is natural for the body at this age to produce more oil. Since sebum production at this age is very high it’s natural to have more dandruff at this age. 


  1. Shampoo your hair regularly. I am not saying that you have to shampoo every day but at least wash your hair 2-3 times a week. Don’t wash everyday because washing everyday and strip natural oils from your hair which can also lead to dandruff.
  2. Avoid using a lot of heat on your hair. Stick to particular hair product and don’t experiment much.
  3. If you have very dry skin then use hot oil treatment once a week. Do regular oiling.
  4. If you have very oily scalp, avoid oiling too much and keep you scalp clean and cool.
  5. Always cover your hair when out in the sun.
  6. Use anti- dandruff shampoos. If your dandruff is very severe then you might have to take medicated shampoos and medicines. But always consult a dermatologist before trying any medicated shampoos.

Here are TOP 5 shampoos for Dandruff in India- 


BIOTIQUE is a popular brand in India. They are known for using natural ingredients in their products. The fresh neem anti dandruff shampoo has proven to be effective against dandruff. Neem is an antiseptic ingredient which removes the source of the dandruff from the scalp.
Apart from neem, there is use of Bhringraj, Reetha and Margosa which relives the scalp from itchiness leaving the hair to be healthy, silky and shiny.
With the blend of these ingredients, this shampoo has proven to be effective against dandruff and other hair problems like dry hair or hair fall. 
It is cruelty free 
Dermatological tested 
Chemical free
It is available on Nykaa and Amazon for ₹170 for 180ml. It is available in different sizes according to one’s own preference.


Head and shoulders is again a very popular brand name for hair care in India. Known for its popular hair products, especially for dandruff. 
This shampoo also contains neem which has medicinal properties which deep cleanse the scalp and removing dandruff upto 70% in first use only. For optimal use it’s best to use it at least 3 times a week. This shampoo also prevents dandruff from coming back and is suitable for all hair types. 
As here, neem is the key ingredient which is proven to be very effective against the bacteria on the scalp and eliminating the breeding ground for dandruff causing yeast.
Dermatological tested
Gentle shampoo 
It is available in 6 sizes- 75ml, 120ml, 180ml, 190ml, 340ml and 650ml on Nykaa and Amazon. It costs ₹220 for 180ml.


Dove is another range of hair products which are popular in India. It’s Anti Dandruff shampoo has been proven to be very effective from its first use only. The effect of the shampoo can be seen from the first use itself. Apart from removing dandruff it also gives nourishment to hair leaving it soft and dandruff free. It is a gentle wash and cools down the scalp by giving a cooling sensation which relives the itchiness from the dandruff. 
It contains micro moisture serum which also removes dryness from the hair by leaving it fresh and soft.
Cruelty free
Clinically proven
It is available in 4 sizes- 80ml, 180ml, 340ml and 650ml on Nykaa and Amazon.
It costs ₹170 for 180ml.


Nyle is one of the oldest brands in India dealing with personal grooming products. In our childhood we all have had at least one Nyle product in the house. Still going strong in the market, Nyle introduced an Anti-Dandruff shampoo. It claims to have natural ingredients in this shampoo. It is filled with goodness of natural extracts of Curd, aloe and lemon. 
Curd is a very effective home remedy against dandruff and keeps the hair soft. 
Lemon has anti fungal properties which keeps the dandruff at bay and the scalp clean.
It is also anti-hair fall shampoo and solves many purposes.
Paraben free
Natural extracts 
This is available in 3 sizes- 180ml, 400ml and 800ml on Nykaa and Amazon. 
The price of 180ml is ₹110.


Himalaya is again a very popular skin and hair care brand in India. This shampoo from Himalayas has proved to be very good in removing dandruff from the first wash. It contains 2 main ingredients- Tea tree oil which has antifungal properties and keeps the scalp away from fungal infections like dandruff and other problems. Aloe Vera on the other hand moistures the hair and leaves the hair nourished and removes itchiness from the scalp caused by dandruff.
This shampoo has a blend of natural extracts which keeps the hair healthy and prevents any hair problems and scalp infections.
Clinically proven
Natural extracts 
Dermatological tested
This shampoo is available on Nykaa and Amazon. It costs ₹700 for 1000ml. 

These shampoos are the top rated according to customers and surveys in India. They are easily available in markets and online. 
If you are suffering from Dandruff these shampoos are the best available in India and will be able to solve your dandruff problems from the first wash itself. It’s best to be a little patient and wait before switching from one product to another because it takes time for every product to show its result.
But if your dandruff problem is still not getting solved and you have used all best anti dandruff shampoos in India, you must visit a dermatologist who can prescribe you medicated shampoos and serums.


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