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 We all love vacations. After coming back from one I always look forward to the next one. Planning a trip is not an easy task and also if you are someone who travels a lot and whose healthy lifestyle goes for a toss when travelling you have come to the right place. 

Travelling can throw us out of our normal routine and can lead us to eating a lot of junk and be lazy. It takes a lot of motivation to stay healthy when one is travelling but it is not impossible. You can still be healthy while travelling and enjoy your vacations to the fullest.

After following these tips, Next time when you take a trip you will feel better and healthy.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you want to stay healthy while travelling-

1. Keep yourself hydrated- 

It happens with all of us, whenever we are in our regular routine we keep ourselves hydrated. But whenever we travel hydration goes for a toss. We tend to have less water and more of caffeine and aerated drinks. Travelling can cause a lot of dehydration especially while travelling by plane. It tends to make our bodies dehydrated. 
In order to avoid this, it’s best to stick to drinking water and avoid coffee or tea while in the plane and even before boarding.
While travelling by road it might get difficult to hydrate keeping in mind the non-availability of washrooms and the uncertainty that when will you find the next one. It’s best to keep sipping little water and use the restroom wherever you get a chance.

Avoid having alcohol while you are on plane. It can cause severe dehydration.
Even during travelling it’s best to drink alcohol in moderation because alcohol tends to dehydrate the body. 
Carry your own water bottle and keeping sipping every time you get a chance. 
It’s best to carry you own water bottle when you are travelling to a hot country or city since you will be out in the street’s under the sun.
Coconut water and lemonade are excellent alternatives to sip on while travelling.

2. Exercise and move your body-

I know, that exercise is the last thing on your mind when you are travelling. But studies show that it’s good to move your body at least 30 mins each day. Let’s admit that when we travel we cannot follow the same fitness routine we do back at home. It’s unreasonable to workout for long hours and impossible too. So why not do a 30 min workout? 
YouTube has a variety of workouts which are no equipment and can be done easily from anywhere. They are short and effective. All you need is a yoga mat so don’t forget to pack that. 
If you are living in a hotel you can use their gym, swimming pool and other sports facilities  available. 
Walking is again a very good activity when you are travelling. Even if you don’t have those 30 mins in a day to workout. You can squeeze in mini walks while exploring the city. This way you will keep on moving and your body will have more energy and be less bloated.
If you are on a beach vacation, walking on the beach early morning and during sunset is wonderful as it serves  both the purpose of moving your body and enjoying the view.
Don’t forget to pack your workout clothes next time when you are travelling.

3. Sleep for 8 hours every night-

Sleep is very essential for our bodies. When we sleep our body recovers from all the wears and tears it has experienced throughout the day. A well rested body is essential for making us productive throughout the day. While travelling can make you exhausted. A good night sleep is the best solution to waking up fresh and ready to explore the new country or city.
If you are travelling from one time zone to another you might be jet lagged. For this a goodnight sleep is extremely important since travelling from one time zone to another can be harsh on our bodies and can lower down our immunity levels. A goodnight sleep will improve your immunity and will help you from getting sick on your trip. 

Make it a point to sleep for 8 hours or more if your body demands. Listen to your body and take a nap when required. If you have problem falling asleep, keep your room dark and cozy, put the curtains down, shut down gadgets like laptops, tablets and phones, Have a warm bath, moisturise yourself and head to the bed.

4. Carry extra mask and disinfectants-

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we all got in a habit of wearing mask and carry sanitisers with us wherever we went. These precautions are very much necessary when travelling. When you travel you come across so many new people, live in different hotels or hostels. It’s very easy to get infected at this time. To avoid this, always wear mask whenever you go out in public places, pandemic has not yet ended. Apart from Covid-19, there are a lot of other infections around us. Wearing a mask will keep us safe and away from these infections.
Always carry sanitizer’s and disinfectants wherever you go, use sanitizer after touching things in market which are very crowded. Use it before having anything to eat. Also keep disinfectants to spray on surfaces where you are living. It’s best to spray them in the washroom, on knobs, remotes, bedside table and any other surface.   
Remember that precaution is always better than cure. This way the pandemic has taught us a lot of things like to take precaution and practice safe travelling.

5. Carry healthy snacks- 

Vacations are all about eating without restrictions. It’s okay to indulge in delicious regional food of a city or country after all that is a part of the whole travelling experience. Indulging in local delicacy is worth it. 
But at the same time while travelling it’s always good to take some healthy munchies with you. This way whenever you feel hungry you can munch on the healthy snacks and eat your heart out the other time. 
Pack with you dry fruits, energy bars. They are easy to carry wherever you go. 

You can buy fruits from the local market to satisfy your cravings. This way you will be hydrated and loaded up with fiber rich food which is a great way to avoid constipation and ensure regular bowl movements which are often affected because of travelling and change of place.
Fruits also decreases inflammation in the body which can be lead due to a lot of travelling and change of water. 
Load up with protein rich energy bars, protein keeps you full for long periods and gives you energy to explore more.

6. Stretch often- 

Stretch as much as you can. You might want to increase your flexibility since there will be a lot of sitting around while travelling. Your body might feel tight due to a lot of things like change in your routine. To avoid feeling tired and fatigued it’s always good to stretch your body as soon as you wake up and before you sleep. This will ensure that you have regular blood flow in your body. 

Practice stretching for 5 minutes in the morning and before sleeping. You can opt for bed stretches too even if you are lazy to roll out your mat. 

7. Keep your personal hygiene on point-

Like in our daily lives, we maintain personal hygiene. It is very important to keep your hygiene level on point especially when travelling. 
Wash your hands regularly in order to avoid any germs.
Carry your personal towels and bathroom essentials. You might not get them there if you are staying in a hostel. 
Carry your toilet kit which includes toothbrush, face wash, shaving kit, body wash and loofahs with you. 
Never share your personal items like tooth brush with anyone. This way you will be able to avoid falling sick and prevent any infections.

Also carry some basic medicines with you. Carry a medical kit which includes medicines, bandages and thermometer. A small medical kit is essential. 
Avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth without washing your hands. This will keep the germs away.
Also maintain distance from someone if you feel that are coughing or sneezing.

8. Walk as much as you can-

In our daily life, we travel a lot via vehicle, bikes and metro. But when you are travelling and in a new city. You must explore the city. Move as much as you can. 
This way you will be healthy and because you will be eating a lot of heavy food, walking is the best to digest it and keep the gut healthy.
This will reduce bloating and increase blood circulation level. 

If you are someone who hates working out during the vacations then walking is the best option for you. You won’t have to take out extra time to walk, you can walk in the city while exploring new places and you won’t even realise that your step counts have been doubled in no time.

Ultimately it’s the small changes that count every day. These are very easy tips to follow and won’t require much of your time.

Next time whenever you plan your vacations keep these tips in mind. By following these tips you will be able to enjoy your vacations and be healthy at the same time. Vacations are meant to be enjoyed and it can be many times better if you are healthy and happy. Because a healthy body is a healthy mind. 

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