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 SALE SEASON IS HERE, we can see sale going on in every store. From clothes, footwear, luxury bags, watches to cosmetic products. There is sale in every category. Malls are filled with banners of sale outside every store. Shops are crowded, there is a long queue in almost every store.

WE ALL LOVE THE SALE SEASON, and why not? Instead of spending so much money on shopping we all love to get discounts so that we can shop more on less prices. Even online, there is sale on every website and app. I feel extremely happy when I find discounts in stores I like and products I love. 



1. THINK BEFORE BUYING- It is important to think before buying anything. This should be the case in any situation. Sale or no sale. One must think before shopping, you must ask yourself questions like- how much one really needs it? Is it very important to you? What will happen if you don’t buy it? Are you sure you might not end up regretting this buy? Or you might never use it? 

Throw these questions to yourself, you yourself will get your answers and will spare yourself of buying things which are not necessary for you and save your money too. 

2. DO NOT BUY UNNECESSARY- It is not necessary to buy things you don’t need just because they are on sale. This is a very wrong practice. We end up buying unnecessary things only because they are on sale. Those things just keeping laying in the corner of our homes and are not even used. This creates more clutter in our homes and we end up spending on unnecessary things.

Only buy things which are necessary or the ones you really wanted for the longest time. For clothes and accessories, buy things you will reuse and not for just for  one time use. It is a very common practice to buy unnecessary things during sale season.

3. DO NOT BUY TOO MUCH- This is again one of the most common practice while shopping during the sale season. People tend to buy more, I remember last time I went to a ZARA store during the sale season, and I was surprised to see so many ladies buying so many things. At least they picked up 7-10 clothes. Everyone was searching and running for the last pieces. I admit that it’s tempting, I was myself so tempted.

But avoid buying too many clothes during the sale season, because half of these clothes will just be sitting in one side of the corner of your closet and you will even forget about them or probably won’t like them anymore. Buy clothes which you really like and you really want. Avoid buying those clothes which you won’t ever wear.

4. STICK TO YOUR SIZE- I have observed and have seen a lot of people buying clothes which don’t fit them anymore during the sale season. People would buy a size smaller and say that they would lose weight and get into it. The reason for buying a size smaller is only because it is on sale right now and might not be later on or will be out of stock. This is again a wrong thing to do just because it is on sale.

Stick to your size, buy clothes of your current size and not of your goal size. If you really want to buy the clothes of your goal size, lose weight and come back to buy it. Never do future buying during the sale season.

5. CONTROL YOUR URGE TO BUY ONLINE- There is a reason why I specifically said online. It is easier to shop online, from the comforts of our homes we tend to get tempted to buy a lot online during the sale season. We all have this habit of scrolling down different apps and websites from our laptops and phones. Online shopping is no doubt convenient and a boom to the customers. At the same time the increase in shopping rate has increased because of it. I mean who doesn’t love that his/her parcel is delivered at their doorsteps. The hassle of going to the market is eliminated which makes online shopping easy and tempting. 

It is easier to get tempted shopping online because that can be done anytime and from anywhere. I am not saying that one should not buy at all. Buy, but be careful of what you really want and not proceed to checkout mindlessly.

6. BUY THINGS THAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR AND WHICH IS NEW TO YOUR WARDROBE- It’s best to buy things which you already do not have. You surely have a wish list and want to buy them whenever you get an opportunity or a good discount. So time is here, indulge yourself in things which you really wanted for so long and you have been waiting to find them. Whenever you go to a store, go through everything and then decide what you have to buy and what not to.

It is always good to indulge in some shopping and pampering once in a while. And what better time to do is during the sale season. Remember to buy those things which you really want and you would love to use them. 

7. SET A BUDGET- Now the first thing that will come to your mind is if I am going to shop during sale season why should I have a budget. No matter what, you must always have a budget even if you are shopping during the sale season. What happens is that if you go without setting a budget you will buy things which will individually look very reasonable as compared to original prices but the total bill of all things together will be a lot and will exceed your budget. You will in fact end up spending a lot.

This is to keep in mind that always have a budget, buy what you really need, buy less, this sale will again happen in next 6 months, there will be new things, you will again get tempted. This isn’t your last chance with shopping. Keep these things in mind when you set your budget.

8. INDULGE- I know most of these tips consist of what not to do, but at the end also indulge yourself. If you keep a balance of what not to do and indulge, you will shop smart. You will end up buying things you really wanted and not regret it later. Make it a point to find balance and enjoy yourself. 

Keep in mind that sales will happen every year. It is reasonable to buy good things but less and keep adding in every sale. Don’t go all out. 

It is always good to shop during the sale when you find something unique, or something you wanted for so long. At the same time to not go all crazy during the sale season. Keep these points in mind next time you head to shopping during the sale season. Trust me, you will be thankful to yourself that you followed these tips. 



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