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 The festival season is kick starting again for year 2022. The first festival of the season is RAKSHA BANDHAN. Also Known as Rakhi. It is celebrated all over India and is a very popular festival in India.

Why is Raksha Bandhan Celebrated?

Raksha Bandhan also known as Rakhi is a festival of brother-sister relationship. It celebrates the bond between the brother and sister. On this day the sister ties a thread on the wrist of her brother. In return he promises to keep her protected, be with her always and keep her happy. After the tying of rakhi, pooja is done and gifts are exchanged.

When is Raksha Bandhan celebrated?

Raksha Bandhan is observed on the full moon day or Purnima in Hindu calendar month of Shravan. While it can be celebrated all day long. But some people like to follow a particular timing which is auspicious for the day to tie the rakhi. Every year, the dates and time is changed.

When is Raksha Bandhan 2022?

In the year 2022, Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated on 11th august. The Purnima tithi which is the auspicious timing to tie rakhi is from 10:38 on 11th august to 7:05 on 12th august.

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Breaking stereotypes?

Over the years, raksha Bandhan was always about the sisters tying rakhi to their brothers but now things are changing. The very fact that Raksha Bandhan means is to protect each other and celebrate the bond between two people does not only apply to the relationship of brother-sister. Now days, even the brothers are tying rakhi to their sisters, sisters are tying rakhi to each other and celebrating sisterhood. Even husband-wife are tying Rakhi’s to each other, children are tying rakhi to their parents. 

There is a shift in the thinking of people. In a world where we celebrate equality then why not apply it in this case too.

So it doesn’t matter if you have a brother or not, we must celebrate this bond with our loved ones because ultimately it is the festival of bond between 2 people.


1. SELF CARE PRODUCTS – Self care product hampers are a very good gifting options for your loved ones. At this time, we all are busy in our lives with studies, work, relationships, family responsibilities but there comes a time when we want to indulge in some pampering and personal self care. We all need to rejuvenate ourselves, take a break from our regular life to reset our life. A grooming hamper of personal self care products to pamper your loved ones is a very good idea. You can gift them a hamper of The Body Shop, Forest essentials. They both have gifting hampers. You can also order personal care hampers from Nykaa. They have both hampers for men and women.

BodyHerbals hamper from Nykaa

2.PLANTS- If your siblings are plant lovers, you can gift them plants on this occasion. We all know that a lover of plants will love this gift. If you know that they are plant lovers, or that they spend a lot of time gardening then this is the perfect gift for them. Plants provide us with oxygen which makes it more relaxing and makes our home soothing and full of joy.You can either give them a home plant or a outdoor plant but for gifting purpose I would suggest to go for home plants. Some of the preferred plant gifts are- money plants, succulents, lucky bamboo plants, bonsai and peace Lilly. You can order from website like ferns and petals, Flower aura, nurserylive or go to the nursery and choose for yourself.

Bonsai plant from nurserylive

3.WEEKEND GATEWAY- Have you been planning a trip with your siblings for years but have never gotten a chance to execute it? It happens, work happens, everyone is buy in their own life, family etc. This is a very good chance to take that trip which you had been planning for years. Do a through research of flights and hotels and surprise them with the tickets. Taking a trip together is a step in order to make your bond stronger. Work can wait, you can definitely spare a 2 day trip and enjoy with your loved ones.

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4. SHOPPING VOUCHERS- Shopping vouchers are a wonderful gift for rakhi, since many of us don’t know if a particular gift will be liked by our brothers/sisters, this is the safest option. You can never go wrong with a shopping voucher. It gives freedom to them to buy whatever they want to buy of their own choice from their favourite brands. If you know that your siblings like a particular brand then you can gift them a gift voucher of that particular brand too. 

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5. FITNESS WATCH- Is your sister-brother a fitness freak? Or they are planning to start a new fitness journey? If your siblings love to exercise and have a healthy lifestyle then a fitness tracker watch is a very good gift for them. It can cater to all their needs related to fitness and help them in living a healthy lifestyle. 

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6. SPEAKERS- Have a music lover sibling? Gift them Bluetooth wireless speakers so that they can have a good musical experience. It’s best to gift portable speakers so that they can be carried anywhere without much problem. You can buy speakers from Amazon on deals which are going on right now. Some of the brand are- boAt stone, echo dot, sony and tribit X sound.

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7. FOOD HAMPERS- If your sibling is a foodie then this gift is ideal for them. A food lover will totally love this gift and enjoy it too. You can go to any bakery or stores and get your hampers customised too by adding things your sibling love. You can even order food hampers online from foodhall, ferns and petals and natures basket.

8. PERFUME- Everyone loves the fragrance of a good perfume. Perfumes are an ideal gift for sisters as well as brothers. It is a part of the personal grooming of an individual. Whenever we go out, we always love to wear our favourite perfume. It is a drill for most of us. So indulge your siblings by gifting them perfumes. You can order them online or purchase from stores. 

Image source- Nykaa

Pamper your sister-brother with these gifting ideas for Raksha Bandhan and celebrate this beautiful festival with utmost joy and happiness. 

Happy Rakhi to all!!

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