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Things we loved from Alia and Ranbir’s wedding!

 April was a month full of talks about Bollywoods favourite couple- Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor. There were rumours of them tying the knot in April which turned out to be true. While we all were eagerly waiting for the pictures and to even get a glimpse of the wedding. The paparazzi were on their toes, people were constantly scrolling down their social media and news for any updates. Finally the pictures were revealed and no doubt that had set a completely new trend for the weddings in India.

I loved so many things about their wedding and felt that this change of mindset and the whole concept of weddings functions did need a change. This pandemic was a wake up call for the big fat wedding industry and saw changes in so many ways. 

Here are few things we must learn from Alia-Ranbir wedding- 

1. INTIMATE WEDDINGS ARE THE BEST-  Intimate weddings are so much better than the big fat weddings,  Ranbir and Alia proved to be the torch bearers of this trend. They invited very few guest, which included their close friends and family. Just like us, even they know a lot of people and they are a part of such an industry where their work is dependent on socialising but still they opted for an intimate wedding with just 30 guest. This way it is much likely that you will enjoy your functions. The wedding is of the bride and groom but somewhere they get lost in the crowd and don’t even have time to enjoy their own wedding as they have to meet so many people and get photographs clicked with them. Many of them don’t get time to eat too. 

To avoid this, opt for an intimate wedding and invite your loved ones only who are your well wishers. 

2. AT HOME WEDDING- Ranbir and Alia got married at Ranbir Kapoor’s house in Bandra. Now no doubt they have big houses and can get married there but that’s not the point, the point is if they wanted they could have booked any lavish venue or have a destination wedding in any corner of the world but still they choose their own house. Getting married at your own house is a dream, you are taking such a big step in your life and you have been through so many ups and downs till now, but where did you feel you belonged to all this while? Didn’t you ever want to just go back home after a bad day, or where you have so many memories. Isn’t your own house the best place for your own wedding? We cannot deny that it’s our home which offers us comfort, memories, it builds us, it’s the foundation of our personality. Our homes have kept us protected during the pandemic. 

So if you are lucky to have a big house, or even a house which has a garden then consider getting married at your own place. You will always cherish it. 

3. FRIENDS AND SISTERS MAKE THE BEST BRIDESMAIDS-  Let me tell you this, you need your friends and cousins on your big day by your side. It is true that we don’t get along with everyone but when we do they become a part of our own family, same goes for cousins, you might not be close with everyone, but there is that one cousin who has always been by your side and your survival kit during the family functions. Alia Bhatt’s mehndi function was full of love, friendship, sisterhood. She had all her close girl gang over and enjoyed every bit of her function. Her girl gang was enough for her to enjoy her functions and share the memories with them. Your girl gang will be with you all the time, you will need them every time. From clicking pictures, to getting things for you, arranging your favourite snack, calming you down and most especially to be by your side.

So keep your friends close but your girl gang closer. 

4. SUSTAINABLE FASHION-  Instead of opting for a new outfit, Alia Bhatt choose a sustainable lehenga for her mehndi. Her outfit was designed By Manish Malhotra, her lehenga was an ensemble of patches of textiles owned by her which depicted her journey and childhood. The scrapes and patches were from her earlier outfits. Now, this is one of the most sustainable outfit created. She used her own outfits to create a memorable one. This sends out a very good message for other brides to be, instead of investing in more new outfits, reuse your mothers and grandmothers old outfits for sustainable fashion. The outfits which our mothers and grandmothers wore were of pure fabrics and have a very special significance in a brides life.

 So why not use your mothers and grandmothers outfit and put your creativity to achieve something new out of it. 

5. MINIMAL HENNA- Here I am not against a lot of mehndi, I myself love to apply mehndi during weddings, but my point here is that every bride is different, not everyone likes a lot of mehndi and wants to go minimal with it, so instead of forcing someone to apply a lot of mehndi, we must encourage the bride to make her own choice. It’s her wedding right? So let her make the decision. If you are someone who loves a lot of mehndi for your wedding, that’s good go for it. But avoid forcing anyone. 

And all the to be brides out there, it’s okay to go minimal with your mehndi. Applying a lot or less of henna does not make any difference.
Alia really taught us to be who you are 🤩
At the same time Ranbir Kapoor himself applied mehndi on his hand and got Alia Bhatt’s name on it. Isn’t that cute? Why only a girl has to get her to be husbands name on her hand why not the boy? 

6. WEARING IVORY ON HER WEDDING DAY- Instead of choosing red or pink her for wedding day. Alia choose ivory and gold for her wedding. In India, many families consider white or ivory as not to be worn by brides for their wedding. Instead they are made to wear red. Alia Bhatt broke the norms of wearing red for wedding and opted her ivory. Same goes for any other colour. If you want to wear a particular colour you must go for it. All colours are beautiful and it’s you who gets to decide what you like and not others. 
So choose your pick and rock your wedding outfit.

7. CHOOSE A CUSTOMISED SAREE OVER LEHENGA- Alia went for a customised ivory and gold saree by Sabyasachi. Unlike other brides, she didn’t opt for a lehenga. If you are someone who loves to wear a saree over a lehenga for your wedding day then go for it. It’s nowhere written that only lehenga is to be worn. Wear what you like and what you are confident in. She also customised her saree, by adding butterflies on her blouse. It looked so cute and different. 

She did wear a Sabyasachi but also included her own creativity in it. So also get your outfit customised according to your own taste. Many big designers do offer customisation. 
So don’t be afraid to experiment. 

8. MINIMAL MAKEUP, OPEN HAIR AND JEWELLERY- Alia kept her makeup and jewellery minimal. Her makeup was so simple and flawless. She embraced her own skin and looked just like how she is in real life. It was natural and beautiful. She ditched the traditional bridal bun and went for open hair which really complimented her pretty face and beautiful attire.The jewellery too was kept minimal with only a neck piece, earrings, maang tikka and bangles. She ditched very heavy jewellery and rocked the minimal look.

For your wedding, it’s best to not go overboard with your make up and jewellery, keep it simple and subtle and be confident in your own skin.

9. KEPT HER AFTER PARTY LOOK SIMPLE AND COMFORTABLE- While everyone was drooling over the pictures shared by the couple, Alia changed into a comfortable Anarkali suit for her after party. She wore a red Anarkali suit with a maang tikka which was the statement piece. What I loved about her outfit was it was so comfortable and simple. That’s what we all need for an after party look. After party is to celebrate an event which has taken place and it’s time for people to switch to more comfortable clothes and dance all night with their loved ones. 

So instead of choosing for heavy outfit for your after party, go for something comfortable and enjoy your day. 

10.NORMALISE DISPLAY OF AFFECTION, KEEP IT LIGHT AND FUN DURING PHERAS- What we loved the most about these pictures were their affection and love towards each other. They didn’t hesitate to display their love and happiness and why not? If you are getting married to the love of your life, then why not? You are happy, everyone is happy, if you are comfortable it’s okay to express your affection towards your partner. 
So goes with the pheras, the pheras don’t have to be serious, add some fun element, after all you are getting married and not writing an exam. 

11. DITCHED GHOODI AND WENT ANIMAL CRUELTY FREE- Ranbir opted to go horse free for his wedding. This is such a beautiful gesture to show compassion and love towards the animals and go cruelty free. Both of them acted with respect for PETA and set an example for everyone to go horse free. 

It is high time that all of us don’t encourage this concept because the horses are treated very badly and are traumatised. It’s time we all show some compassion to the lovely animals. 

12. ALIA BEING HERSELF- The first appearance Alia made after her wedding received a lot of criticism about why she was not dressed more, why she didn’t wear chooda, mangalsutra and sindoor. This criticism came from people who can’t think beyond that. It is very important to know that a mangalsutra or sindoor is not important, is it necessary to show everyone that you just go married? Is only a sindoor or mangalsutra definition of a marriage. No it’s not! It’s the love and respect for each other which makes it a marriage. 
I loved that Alia didn’t change herself after getting married, she dressed the way she is and the way she wanted to. Marriage should never change who you are!

So, summing up no doubts I loved everything about their wedding. The beautiful pictures, new concept, intimate affair, offbeat outfit. 

I loved everything about them!

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Wow, such a superb article that gives a fresh and modern perspective to weddings…kudos for writing about Alia- Ranbir wedding, folks you must read this very exciting take on this beautiful wedding 💑 🥰👍❤

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