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Must have college wear for boys [Student edition]

 I have previously written about college wear for girls. This time I have decided to write about some must have clothes for boys for their freshmen year. As important it is for girls to experiment and try out new clothes in college, the same goes for boys. 

Boys often don’t put much effort and wear what they have. I am not saying that it’s wrong, but certainly you can add on these clothes to your wardrobe for variety. But always remember that sustainability is in reusing. 


1. LINEN OR COTTON SHORTS- Shorts are extremely comfortable wear for summer season. For boys, this is a very good option and can be worn with many T-Shirts and shirts. It’s best to opt for linen or cotton shorts in summers because the fabric is very comfortable and breathable. Make it a point to buy shorts either in black, brown, beige or light beige colour. Avoid white or any other bright colour because it gets very difficult to reuse them and their pairing is limited. So opt for comfortable linen or cotton shorts for your summer college wear.  

Here are some cotton and linen shorts from H&M-

2. JEANS- A very versatile cloth made for both men and women are jeans. A good comfortable jeans is a very good investment. A good pair of jeans goes a long way and can be paired with every shirt or kurta. There are variety of colours available for jeans too but I feel best is to go for basic colours like dark blue, light blue and black. You can opt from light fade to dark fade jeans, whatever that suits you. These colours go with everything you wear. You can opt for slim fit, skinny, bootcut, straight and relaxed fit. Make sure to invest in a good brand and pair of jeans for long run. 

Here are some of the jeans to invest in- 

Jeans from Levi’s 

This is a slim fit dark fade jeans from Levi’s. 

Jeans from Peter England

Here is a skinny fit jeans from Peter England. 

3. T-SHIRT- T-shirts are a must have for every boy and especially college boys. You will be wearing them almost everyday. Yes! Everyday! Invest in good basic colours t-shirts which will go with your pair of jeans or shorts. You can opt for round, V-neck and polo t-shirts. Have a variety including those with collar and one without. It’s best to have a decent number of t-shirts as they will be used a lot but this does not mean that you have to buy a lot. Just be careful while buying and see if a particular t-shirt is of such pattern and colour which can be worn many times and with many things. 

This is a basic lavender round neck t-shirt from Mast&Harbour- 

T-shirt from Mast&Harbour

Here is a grey polo collar t-shirt from Nautica- 

Grey collared t-shirt from Nautica 

4. CASUAL SHIRTS- Casual shirts look very smart. They are a very good buy for college wear. Keeping in mind that it is a very good option next to t-shirts. Wearing t-shirts everyday can become boring. To experiment and mix it up with your looks opt for casual shirts. You can opt for comfort fit or slim fit. They look very good on jeans and shorts too. You can opt for Checked shirts, striped shirts, floral, patterned, solid or even plain shirts. Suit yourself with the type of shirts you like and prefer to wear. 

Here is a striped orange and white shirt from Highlander- 

Striped shirt from Highlander 

Here is a casual slim fit green shirt by Levi’s- 

Green Shirt from Levi’s 

Here is a solid green cotton shirt from US pollo- 

Solid plain green shirt from US Polo

5. KURTA- We have spoken about so many western clothes, it’s time for something ethnic, apart from all the jeans and shirts, it is equally important to have some ethnic clothing in your wardrobe like a kurta. A kurta looks very smart for college wear. Sometimes you want to wear something else then kurta is the best option for you. They can be worn over jeans and trousers. You can choose various kurta styles like- regular kurta, comfort fit, slim fit and straight fit. It’s best to go for simple kurtas with basic colours for a college look. Avoid wearing very festive type unless you have a festive occasion in the college. 

Here is a blue striped kurta from Anouk- 

Blue striped kurta from Anouk

This is a plain black kurta from Fabindia- 

Black kurta from Fabindia

6. CASUAL TROUSERS- Casual trousers are a very good option when you want a break from wearing jeans. Trousers don’t only have to be formal, they can be causal and can be worn with regular t-shirts or shirts. You can even pair a kurta with it. In summers, it’s best to opt for linen, cotton pants or chinos.You can go for colours like cream, light beige, dark beige, dark grey, black and brown. You can opt for regular fit, comfortable fit, straight fit, slim fit and baggy fit.  

Here is a slim fat causal trousers from Peter England Causals- 

Trousers from Peter England 

Here is a dark grey chino slim fit trousers from Levi’s- 

Chinos from Levi’s 

These are some of the essentials clothes every boy should have for college. They are pocket-friendly, versatile, comfortable, can be easily found and most importantly they are basics which means can be reused a number of times.

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