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Sherwani colours to try in this summer wedding season [ 2022 ]

 Most of us talk about lehenga colours but there is very less information about different colours of sherwani. Just like the outfit of the bride is very important same goes for the outfit of the groom. It is equally important for a groom to look smart and confident in what he wears for his wedding. Men often don’t look much into what they want to wear and is usually decided by the ladies of the house but this trend can always change. 

So here are some Sherwani colours to try in this wedding season- 

1. LEMON YELLOW- What can be more refreshing than a lemon yellow colour in the summer wedding season. Lemon yellow is a bright and fresh colour which makes it ideal for a summer wedding look. It is not very yellowish and not very greenish. It is the perfect blend of green and yellow which makes it stand out. It is best to pair it with a white or off-white pajama. It is a fresh take on the colours available usually in the market. So don’t feel shy to wear a bright coloured sherwani, this colour can be worn for both day and night summer wedding. 

Here is a Lemon yellow Chikankari Sherwani from Sonia G- 

Sonia G collection

Here is a darker shade of lemon yellow sherwani from Kisah- 


2. GREEN- Green is the colour of summers. Yes it is, with so much brightness from the sun, the grass is on full bloom and the green colour outshines everything. We all love greenery, we all love to be surrounded by green grass, leaves, plants and flowers because it gives us happiness, same goes for the green colour. It is a colour of joy and happiness. A soothing colour which is very pleasing to the eyes. For summer weddings, it’s best to avoid dark green colour, some shades of green to try for this summer wedding season are- lime, pear, chartreuse, parakeet and shamrock. 

Here is a green sherwani from Varun Chakkilam- 

Varun Chakkilam collection 

Here is a light green embroidered Sherwani from Kommal Sood- 

Kommal Sood collection 

3. YELLOW- Yellow is a beautiful bright colour for a summer wedding. It is vibrant and fresh. You can never go wrong with yellow. Yellow depicts the nature and environment of the spring and summer season. It is a colour of warmth and happiness. You have many shades of yellow to try out for your morning or a night wedding. Some of the shades of yellow to try this wedding season are- bumblebee, honey, butter, banana, blonde, lemon, dandelion, pineapple, daffodil, Tuscan sun. Yellow offers variety of shades to choose from. It is best to stick to these shades of yellow for your summer wedding. 

Here is a yellow embroidered sherwani set from Pink Peacock Couture Men- 

Pink peacock couture men

This is a yellow sherwani set from Samant Chauhan- 

Samant chauhan’ collection 

4. MULTI-COLOUR- Can’t decide on one colour? Then the multi colour sherwani is for you. I am not saying that you must go for a multi coloured sherwani only when you can’t decide on certain colours but also when you want a splash of various colours. Multi coloured sherwanis are in trend. You can opt for floral multi colour sherwani which is suitable for a summer wedding. Florals are an intregal part of summer clothing so why not choose it for you D-day. It’s best to opt for off-white, ivory or cream as base colour. You can rock this look with a plain cream coloured pant. But here is a catch with multi coloured sherwani, it is best to not overdo it. Avoid wearing any accessories with multi coloured sherwani as there is already going on a lot on it. 

This is a multi coloured hand embroidered floral sherwani by Rahul Mishra- 

Here is a block printed multi coloured sherwani set from Kisah- 

5. CLASSIC IVORY- Classic ivory never goes out of trend. No matter what the weather is be it winters or summers wedding, ivory will always be in fashion. It is subtle option, it goes with everything. Ivory can be worn for day or night wedding. Ivory has proved to be favourite colour for sherwani, remember Ranbir Kapoor wore ivory sherwani for his summer wedding? 
I personally love ivory sherwani as it is, avoid pairing it with any other colour of stole, be it as it is. You can opt for embellished, embedded or embroidered ivory sherwani according to your own choice. 

This is a ivory Resham embroidered sherwani by Jatin Malik- 

Jatin Malik collection 

Here is a ivory hand embroidered sherwani by Rahul Mishra- 

Rahul Mishra collection 

6. ORANGE- Orange is a suitable colour for a summer wedding. It is bright and glowing. Orange is a colour of strength and prosperity. Apart from that, it is a colour which stands out and grabs everyone’s attention. For a summer wedding, it is bright, bold and trendy. You can opt for shades of orange like- tangerine, honey, carrot, cantaloupe, marigold, tiger, and apricot. 

We all love marigolds, they look very pretty for every wedding function. The colour of the marigold is the catch. 
Opt the orange for your wedding wear and keep it refreshing and tangy. 

Here is a orange and white embroidered sherwani set by Dhruv Vaish- 

Dhruv Vaish collection 

Here is a orange raw silk sherwani by Tarun Tahiliani- 

Tarun Tahilaini’s collection

These are some of the cool vibrant colours to pick for your summer wedding. It is best to go for bright and light for a summer wedding so that you feel cool and not uncomfortable in the scorching heat. 

And don’t forget to match it with the brides outfit. 

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