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Must have college wear for girls [student edition]

 New term is about to start in most of the colleges in India. It is natural that when we go from school to college there are a lot of transitions. One of them is the choice to wear what one wants. Unlike schools, where uniforms are compulsory, college is the time to wear whatever you want to and what is comfortable for you. Because of the newness of this concept it is very exciting for the students  to venture into markets and find clothes for their freshmen year.

So here are few basic clothes which every girl should have for their first year of college- 

1. JEANS- Jeans is the most versatile pair of cloth ever made. It makes every outfit look new no matter what you wear it with. It is always a wise decision to invest in a good pair of jeans because it lasts long. You can opt for so many type of jeans according to your body type and comfort level like boot-cut jeans, skinny jeans, straight fit jeans, boyfriend jeans, wide jeans, flared jeans, baggy jeans, high-waist jeans. The list is endless. You also have a variety of colour ranging from light blue to dark blue, black and grey. It is best to opt for a stretchable jeans for a comfort fit. You can pair it up with any coloured top. 

This comfortable wide leg high rise jeans is from Levi’s-

 This is a stretchable straight fit light faded high rise jeans from All About You- 

 This is a boot-cut light faded mid rise low distress jeans from Vera Moda- 

2. BASIC TOPS AND T-SHIRTS- It is highly recommended to have basics in your wardrobe. The reason behind this is that they go with almost everything. When you are in college, it is very important to have a budget and stick to it. It is not possible to have tops and shirts of all colours, it is totally unreasonable, so it’s better you opt for basic colour tops and t-shirts. For college wear go for solid colours. I love plain and floral tops. Make sure to have good amount of plain tops. For sleeves, it is important to opt for those which are comfortable for you, I personally love tank tops. Avoid wearing crop tops or any type of top which is too revealing and not appropriate for college. 

Here is a summer perfect smocking detailed cotton top from Taavi-

This is a regular fitted mustard T-shirt from Harpa- 

This one is a geometric printed cotton top from QOMN-

Here is a yellow striped tank top from ONLY- 

3. DRESSES- Dresses are a must have for a summer college wardrobe. They look very chic and stylish. At the same time it is very important to choose the right type of dress for college. Make sure that your dress is not too short, considering the fact that you will be travelling by public transport and attending college lectures, it is important to keep in mind and opt for a dress which is knee length or little above knee length. Go for dresses like maxi, A-line, T-shirt dress, pinafore. Avoid wearing very tight dresses. At the same time your neck and back should not be very deep. So don’t feel shy and opt for dresses for your college wear. Don’t forget to get a picture clicked in your dress with your beautiful college campus in the background. 

Take some inspiration from this multi coloured cotton tyre maxi dress from Sangria- 

This is a cute pink T-shirt dress which is perfect for college wear- 

Here is a stylish indigo A-line dress from Fabindia- 

Here is is lemon green and yellow floral dress from AND- 

4. KURTAS AND SHORT KURTAS- Kurtas and short kurtas are a must have for college. It is important to have a mix of ethnic and western clothes for variety this way you will not be bored of wearing the same type of clothes. Make sure to have a causal wear kurta need not be festive since you will be wearing it for college. You can choose your length from long to short kurta whatever suits you. Also the sleeves length of the kurta depend individually so opt for sleeveless or long sleeves according to your choice.Team it up with straight pants, palazzos, tights, jeans and churidar. You can also pair your short kurta with trousers. It is not necessary to carry a dupatta with it. Pick your style of kurta, there are options like straight kurta, A-line kurta, kaftan kurta etc. You can pair your kurtas with basic black and white bottoms and need not be matching. It is also good to experiment with the looks.

Here is a lavender white kurta from Nayo- 

This is a above knee mustard yellow A-line kurta from Anouk- 

Here is a yellow and red short kurta from fabGlobal-

5. PALAZZOS AND STRAIGHT PANTS- PALAZZOS are very comfortable wear especially in summers. They are breathable and easy to move around. They can be paired with a top or a kurta.You can opt for flared and wide leg palazzos. It’s good to have 2-3 breathable cotton palazzos pants in your wardrobe and you can pair it up with accessories and flats. 

The same goes with straight pants, it’s always a wise decision to opt for cotton or linen wear and straight pants can be paired with Indian and western wear. These bottoms are so comfortable while traveling and attending lectures that you will surely buy them again. 

Here is a striped yellow and white wide leg palazzos from Anouk- 

This is a flared navy blue palazzos from Panit-

Here is a cotton straight blue pant from Vishudh- 

Now this is a patterned straight pant from Libas- 

6. STOLES- This is the most important piece of clothing which all girls studying in college require. Stoles are a very good investment and makes your day to day life easy. It can be used in various situations like, while covering your head in auto-rickshaw, protecting from sun, wearing it in public transport. Stoles can be used in multiple ways and can also be tied in many ways around the neck, my personal favourite is infinity stole. You must invest in good stoles and carry them with yourself whenever you are going to college. It is a must have clothing for every college going girl. Stoles don’t have to be boring and can be colourful, floral or even have geometrical shapes on it. So pick your choice. 

Here is a printed brown and white stole from Anouk- 

Here is a zigzag pink and white stole from Mast & Harbour- 

7. SHRUG- Again a shrug is as important as a stole. A Shrug changes the look of the outfit you wear. Shrugs are also important if you are travelling and you want to cover your top because of certain reasons till you reach your destination. They also protect your arms from the sun in the summer. They can also be used when the weather is changing and it’s not very cold. Team it up with your top for a new look. You can opt for a regular sized shrug, a cropped shrug or even a long length shrug as per as your comfort level. 

This is a pink regular shrug from Honey by Pantaloons- 

Here is a long shrug from Marks And Spencer- 

These are some basic clothing for a college going student. It is wise to invest in good clothes and not on something you will never wear. Be practical while shopping, do not hoard and shop sensibly. 

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