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 With the onset of summers is the onset of wedding season. In India, the month of April, May and June see a lot of weddings. I was overwhelmed to see how my offbeat colours for winter wedding become so popular. So here I am with a summer wedding edition. Contrary to the winter weddings, summer weddings give an opportunity to experiment with a bunch of vibrant colours. So don’t you worry as I am here to give few ideas on colours you can experiment for your summer wedding. 


1. Multi- Colour Hues- Instead of going for monochrome’s, you can opt for a multi coloured lehenga. Summer weddings are the best time to experiment with multi colours hues. It gives a refreshing look. Opt for a lehenga with floral prints which gives a fun look. Try to go for a combination of bright colours like pink, yellow, green, orange etc. These are colours which are summer colours and gives a very summery fresh look. 

Here is a lehenga from Seema Gujral, it is a floral lehenga and is a perfect piece for a summer wedding- 

Seema Gujral’s collection 

Abhinav Mishra’ collection 

Above is Abhinav Mishra’s multi coloured lehenga. I love the combination of colours, it has a mix of colours which are natural and light which is a good choice for a summer wedding. 

2. LIME GREEN- Lime Green is a very fresh and soothing colour. We all love our lemonades in the summer heat. But what about wearing the lime green colour? It has a cooling vibe. You can either go monochrome or have a different colour shade with it. Some of the shades of lime green to try in this summer wedding season are- lime punch, jade lime, wide lime, sunny lime and bright lime.   You can wear this colour not only for your wedding day but also for other functions like mehndi. So grab your lime green and enjoy wearing this cool as cucumber colour. 
Here is a lime green lehenga from the Mumbai based designer Aneesh Agarwal- 

Aneesh Agarwal collection

Jade by Monica and Karishma collection 

This lehenga is a jade lime  shade of lime green by designer Jade by Monica and Karishma. 

3. TURQUOISE-  Turquoise is a very asthetic pleasing colour and is a very good choice for your summer wedding. It is very breezy and cooling colour. This shade of blue will take away all your midnight blues. Even if you are having a beach wedding or not but this colour is certainly set to stand out and catch everyone’s attention. In turquoise itself there are a lot of shades but for a summer wedding shades like pale turquoise, bright turquoise or even turquoise is recommended. This colour can be worn for both day or evening wedding. 

Here is a turquoise hue lehenga set by Ritu Kumar which is very fresh and cooling- 

Ritu kumar’s collection 

Vvni by Vanti Vats collection 

This lehenga set is from Vvni by Vani vats. It’s a light and easy to carry outfit. 

4. Mint Colour- Mint comes from the family of the greens, green is a very viable option for a summer wedding as it depicts the blooming of the nature on our planet. Mint is another very pretty shade for a summer wedding, mint is said to have a very refreshing taste and this applies to the shade to, it’s very vibrant and refreshing to the eyes, and a light shade of green. A very close option to mint shade is Paris and emerald shades of green which are also summery shades.

Here is a very pretty mint coloured lehenga from Lable Mayaa- 

Label Mayaa

Divya Reddy’ collection 

This pretty pastel mint is from Divya reddy’s collection.

5. Fuchsia colour- Pink is no doubt all time favourite colour for most of us, but it would be not be fair to only talk about pink, pink itself has so many shades. In the winter edition I spoke about baby pink for a day wedding, but for summers I vouch for Fuchsia shade, the colour is bright and vibrant, it is a rich colour which has royalty to it. It is an eye catching colour and enhances the whole look. This colour will surely not disappoint you.

Here is a monochrome fuschia lehenga by Abhinav Mishra- 

Abhinav Mishra’ collection 

Pink Peacock couture 

This is a fuschia lehenga from Pink Peacock Couture, styled with a different coloured dupatta. 

Summer wedding comes with a lot of colourful outfits, I hope you get some inspiration from my article. 
I will be soon writing on mens sherwani colour for summer wedding. Stay tuned! 

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