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How to celebrate an environmental friendly and Safe Holi

 With holi being around the corner, the excitement of holi has started to increase in many of us. As kids we were not aware of the consequences of the way we celebrated holi. But it’s time to shift to a conscious thinking. We are still going through a pandemic, which is a very big call from the nature to save our environment, our beautiful planet. 

But first of all, we as adults should take a step ahead to provide a safe and healthy environment. By looking at us, the young kids will learn and follow our footsteps.

Environmental friendly tips to celebrate Holi

Follow these simple tips for a environment friendly and Safe holi-

1. Save water- Do not use water during your holi celebration. I know a lot of you will be thinking that what is Holi without playing with water. But in the long term, water scarcity is a major problem. Even now, a lot of villages, cites have major water shortage. Water is very essential for survival of all. Water is a blessing of nature to this planet and it’s our responsibility to preserve it for our future generations.

Save water this holi tips

2. Play with natural organic colour- While buying colours be very careful of their ingredients. Most of them contain very harmful chemicals which is bad for your skin, eyes, hair etc. Do not go on price, harmful chemicals will cost less which is a marketing trick. Opt for organic natural colours even if they are slightly expensive. At least it won’t harm you or people around you. You can buy organic colours online but read their ingredients list before purchasing. 

You can buy good quality organic products from They have safe and natural colours.  You can buy them from-

Use natural and organic colours this holi

3. Taking care of your skin and hair- Before you head out to play Holi. Always oil your hair with coconut oil. This way your hair will be protected and colour will be removed much easily. For skin, remove all the makeup, apply sunscreen generously as you will be out in the sun for long. Now some people use oil on their face too. But I don’t, since I already have an oily skin and applying oil can further break me out, but if it suits you go ahead. Try to wear clothes which cover your legs and arms to minimise contact with colour. 

Skin and hair care tips for holi

4. Refrain from using water balloons and plastic water machine guns-  Now water balloons are not only wasting water but is also harmful. We must not use water balloons and should encourage our children to not use them. If someone gets hit by them they can be seriously injured. Also do not throw water balloons on animals as that is cruelty and can lead to injuries. Also encourage your kids to not use plastic machine guns. Avoid plastic at all cost. 

Be safe and avoid water balloons

5. Indulge in Indian food and sweets- No Indian food is complete without indulging in delicious snacks and sweets. It’s best to try food which is related to a particular festival. In india on holi, don’t forget to try these mouth watering dishes- 

Gujiya- A traditional Indian sweet made during the holi celebrations.
Dahi Bhalla- they are delicious chaat served with fresh curd. It is spicy and tangy.
Malpua- They are Indian pancakes made from white flour, sugar and cardamom. They are very famous in north India. 
Puran poli- this is a very famous dish in Maharashtra. It is like a sweet chappati made with Chana dal.
Thandai- Thandai is a drink made of milk,Almonds, saffron and spices. It is a cooling drink which makes it perfect for holi. 
If you are drinking it’s best to be in limits and have control over your actions. 

Indulge in these holi snacks and sweets

6. Reuse your old clothes- It’s best not to invest on new clothes for holi. Reuse your old clothes which you know you won’t wear ever again. Try to go for full sleeves tops and full length lower. This way you will protect your body parts from getting exposed to colour and heat. Make a point to wear comfortable clothes and avoid wearing any heels, instead go for flats as you will be on your feet for long. 

Reuse your old clothes rather than buying new ones

7. Do not force anyone to play Holi if they don’t want to. Respect their decision. 

Do not put colours on pet
Do not use permanent paint. They are harmful 
Do not waste food by throwing eggs and tomatoes.
Do not play with mud.
Be gentle and enjoy your time with your family 
Celebrate the essence of the festival with love and care
Happy holi to everyone!!!

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Thank you for the great tips on the correct way to celebrate Holi in these environmentally challenging times. You have explained all the tips very well to make the Holi experience a very pleasant one for everyone. ❤😊

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