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Easy Outfit ideas for spring lunch

 Spring is here, there are flowers everywhere, the sun is bright, the days are sunny but there is a little chill in the air. This is also the season when the weather is a little tricky. You have to be careful to not fall sick. You cannot go all out with your short dresses but also you can’t wear those boots. 

So what if you were invited to a lunch in this weather to a golf course, or you have a planned lunch with your girlfriends, or even a lunch date 😉 First thing that comes into our minds is , what to wear? So here you have to play it smart, you have to dress keeping in mind the sunny day with a bit of chill.

Let me take you into the perfect outfit for a lunch – 

1. Casual blazers- Blazers are a very good basic statement piece. They look very smart and classy. In this weather, blazers comes to your rescue as they are not very warm but will protect you from the winds during the spring season. For a lunch, you can pick up a pastel or light coloured blazers which goes with the afternoon vibe. As always invest in neutral colours so that you can pair it with anything. 

I usually buy blazers from mango or H&M. Even on myntra you can find a lot of variety. 

Here are some blazers from H&M which can be worn for a lunch –

Blazers for spring

Here are Some from Mango- 

Blazers for spring

2. Basic solid tops- Basic solid tops are very versatile. They look very smart when paired right. I usually buy basic tops because pairing them is easy. Opt for tops like- tank tops, ribbed vest tops, camisole tops. They are all summer wear but when paired with blazers it gives a totally different look and does not make you feel cold during the spring season. I usually go for neutral, solid and pastel colours. For lunch, opt for bright or light colours. 

I usually buy basic tops from H&M. Some of them are-

Basic camisole for spring

Bright tank tops for spring

3. Trousers, casual pants or leggings- When it comes to lowers, in spring I generally like to opt for trousers, leggings or causal pants. Especially when it’s a lunch, I would opt for something casual and formal mix. In my collection I have very basic colours for lowers which goes with everything. For a lunch, I prefer to wear either a black, cream or a white bottom. You can opt for white, cream or black trousers and pants or even black leggings. Try to go with these colours since you are already playing with colours on your upper body. 

Basic trousers for spring

Casual pants for spring

4. Pumps- In footwear, when it comes to lunch I love wearing my pumps. Pumps look very chic and smart. They give that sleek and sharp look which completes the outfit. Make sure you go with the height of heels you are comfortable with as you might have to walk a little bit. Also your mood depends on your footwear, the more comfortable they are the more happy you will be. I love investing in sold coloured pumps. They go a long way. 

Pumps for spring

Pumps for spring outfit

5. Baguette bags- For a lunch outing, you won’t require to carry a lot of things with you. So go for a small shoulder baguette, which fits in all your essentials for a lunch outing. I love quilted, padded and textured bags. Here also neutral coloured bags are a must have. I love to carry my whites, beige, light pink or pastels on such occasions. Make sure it’s not too big and not too small. 

I love bags from H&M and mango, they are cute and of very good size. 

Bags to pair with spring outfit

Bags to carry with outfit for spring

6. Accessories- Accessories like earrings and a neck piece goes very well with this look. But make sure to use only one of them, if you decide to go for earrings skip the neck piece and vice versa. You don’t have to wear a lot of accessories, you would want to keep it simple and breathable. Wear some delicate prices and skip the big ones. Avoid wearing very blingy jewellery. So opt for a statement piece and this way you will complete your lunch look. 

Cute neck pieces to pair with spring outfit

Cute earrings to pair for spring

Your lunch look book is complete. Feel free to try these tips but always remember wear what you are comfortable and confident in. 90% is your confidence which will make you stand out. 

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