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Must have 5 basic Nail Paint Shades

 When I was in school, I was very fond of nail polish. So much that I would buy them very frequently. I almost had all shades of nail paints. I would see a particular shade, fall in love with it immediately and buy it.  

Slowly, when I came in my masters,I reduced applying them. I would hardly have time. That is when I decided to do a downsizing of my nail paints. I realised that most of them had expired, gone bad and old. This is when I thought that I was holding on to them just for the sake of the collection I had. I would feel so bad throwing them because I had invested so much of money in it which just went down the drain. 

Over the years, my patience with putting a nail paint also decreased and I would apply it only for any functions or parties. Now I am proud to say that I possess only few basic shades which I use. It’s easier to maintain them and keep a check of their expiry. 

So here are my top 5 basic nail polish- 

1. Kay beauty nail nourish rose dust-20

Kay beauty is a brand by famous Katrina Kaif, it is one of the best beauty brands in India now. When I was going through their collection I came across very beautiful shades of nail paint. My most favourite is the rose dust. It is a very good peachy nude shade which goes with almost everything. The shade is neutral and subtle. The quality of nail paint is very good and it stays long with a top coat. You can buy this shade from Nykaa.

Kay beauty rose dust shade is a must basic shade

Kay beauty rose dust is a basic neutral shade

2. Kay beauty nail nourish shade- Angellic 08

This shade is the most loved and favourite shade of Kay beauty. It is a beautiful lavender colour in pastel shade. The shade is neutral but at the same time so vibrant and cute. It is the perfect shade for an afternoon brunch, or a girls day out. This is one shade I would love to purchase again and again. This nail paint will surely grab a lot of attention. Easily available on nykaa. It’s affordable and lasts long.

Kay beauty angellic shade is a must have nail paint shade

Kay beauty shade angellic is a pretty pastel shade and is must have

3. Lakmé Absolute Gel Stylist- 25 Marshmallow 

Lakmé is a well known name in India. It is a brand I have grown up with. Lakmé never fails to amaze me with their range of nail paints. I have been using Lakmé since my school days. I came across this range of nail paints by them called as gel stylist. It claims that it has a glossy finish to it. I must say it is true to its claim. The nail paint is shiny and glossy with gel technology which make it lasts longer. My favourite shade is the marshmallow. It’s a very cute baby pink colour which suits with a number of pieces in my wardrobe. It is easily available on Nykaa. 

Lakmé absolute gel- marshmallow shade is a very pretty pink shade nail paint and must have

Lakmé absolute gel- marshmallow shade is a pretty shade of pink and must have

4. Lakmé 9-5 premier + gloss Red Splash

The Lakmé  9-5 range of nail paints is again a very good collection by Lakmé. The colours are very vibrant and different. It has a very nice sheen to it. My favourite colour from the collection is red splash. This red shade is my favourite shade of red which is not very dark but very bright and beautiful. The red shade goes with the wedding vibes as well as parties. I personally only like bright red shades and this one does justice to it. 

Lakmé 9-5 premier+gloss - red splash shade

Lakmé 9-5 premier+gloss - red splash shade

5. Nykaa colour and care- Stay Zen 309 Shade

This shade is my most favourite when it comes to the colour and styling. It is very versatile.It’s white in shade which looks very classy and elegant. Best part about this white shade is that it goes with everything you wear or carry. It’s a sober colour suitable for both winters and summers. I also use it on those days where I don’t get the time to change my nail paint for various functions. I have made it a point to have this shade in my collection. Coming to the quality of nail polish, the nykaa range is very good with trendy Colours. 

Nykaa colour and care- stay zen shade 309

Nykaa colour and care- stay zen 309 shade

So from my experience I believe that it’s best to have few basic nail polish which goes with a lot of things. It is economically friendly as well as takes up less space. So pick your shade and add it to your collection. Let’s paint those nails!!!

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