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Indian foods to eat after tooth extraction

 Never in my dreams did I imagine that I would have to go through a tooth extraction. But sometimes you cannot avoid it due to various circumstances. For me the decision was the best to cure my problem. The very process of tooth extraction can feel daunting but it’s a simple most common surgery performed all over the world. 

My next thought was what can I eat now? It is instructed to avoid any hard and crunchy food till the site is not healed. So now was the time to reevaluate my diet for fast healing. I also wanted to follow a diet rich in nutrition and easy on my pockets.I researched a lot on net and being an Indian it was not possible for me to stick to puddings, avocados and Greek yogurt. So I decided to share my experience and what did I eat post my extraction. Also slowly include these food in your diet after 24 hours of extraction. Try stick to ice cream and cold milk shakes the first day. Follow the post care instructions properly.

1. Rice- I am a rice lover so I decided to include rice in my diet. It being a soft food I was comfortable with not chewing much. I would include lot of daals with it. Rice will provide you the necessary carbs whose intake is lessened after extraction due to a restricted diet. Carbs gives you energy to do you daily routine and work. 

Rice is easy to chew and can be eaten after tooth extraction

2. Daal aka lentils- Daals are a staple in Indian diet. There are variety of daals to choose from like rajma, chole, Chana, masoor, urad etc. They are rich in protein, iron, b1, folic acid. A bowl of daal is very filling as well as tasty. You can eat them with rice as well as rotis. Daal rice is no doubt our favourite Indian food combination. 

Lentils or Indian dal is soft and can be eaten after tooth extraction

3. Paneer aka cottage cheese- Paneer is another very good source of protein for vegetarians. It is filling and tasty. The softness of the paneer makes it easy to chew. You can try dishes like Palak paneer, matar panner, panner butter masala and even grilled paneer. Make it flavourful. You can combine paneer with roti. 

Panner or cottage cheese is protein and should be had after tooth extraction

4. Curd or Dahi- Dahi is high in calcium which is good for bone health. As after extraction your extraction site bone heals it is important to take all steps for successful healing of bone. Dahi is also a very good probiotic. Include dahi in your diet. It is tasty and very nutritious. 

Curd is probiotic and should be eaten after tooth extraction

5. Parathas- Yes you heard that right, you can still indulge in parathas after your extraction. Parathas are very filling meal. Everyone loves parathas and so do I. You can include aloo parathas, gobi parathas, mooli parathas, paneer parathas etc. Combine it with dahi or any chutney. But refrain from pickles for a week at least. 

6. Seasonal fruits- Fruits are a very good option for snacking. They are full of antioxidants and fiber. In fruits opt for soft fruits like bananas, chikoo, grapes, plum, kiwi. Refrain from hard fruits for sometime. By incorporating fruits you will be able to satisfy your mid day snacks craving. 

Fresh soft fruits that can be eaten after tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is a normal procedure but the thought of it can be scary. It is totally painless procedure and if you follow your dentist’s instructions well your healing will be good and fast. What to eat after an extraction is a big question but stick to soft food and slowly reintroduce food according to how you feel and in no time you will be fine. You got this!!

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