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Easy Exercises for strong glute muscles

 Exercise is supposed to be very healthy for people of all age groups. It keeps us happy by giving that Adrenaline  rush and makes our endorphins happy. 

To get a strong body it is very important to strengthen certain body parts which are even working when you are working on other muscles. Glutes commonly known as booty or butt workouts are very beneficial for strength in our body. They are the prime mobilisers of thighs and hips. They support the core muscles and stabilise the body when performing various activities. To avoid any knee pain during exercises it is again important to have strong glutes. 

Apart from strengthening, it also gives us a good posture and helps to perform our daily activities and routine. Our legs do so much of work every day like walking, running, sitting and standing that they might get weak and cause pain .As we grow older our knees tend to hurt so it’s important that we incorporate these glute exercises to prevent knee pain and have strong legs.

Here are few exercises to incorporate in your routine for strong glutes- 

1. Squats- Squats is the most famous exercise. We all know about them and many of us do it in our daily exercise routine. You might have seen lots of fitness influencers who focus on squats in full body workouts, the reason behind this is that it is the best lower body exercise to strengthen your lower body, strengthening the core, increasing mobility and prevent injuries. You must perform squats with the right form otherwise it might lead to knee pain. 

Squats is the most popular exercise for strong glutes and can be done anywhere

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2. Lunges- Lunges is another popular exercise which focuses on the lower body. It works all your thighs, hips, glutes, calves and ankles. It also helps in maintaining a good posture and balance. It strengthens the knees which helps in prevention of any injuries. You can include various varieties of lunges like static lunge, walking lunge, curtsy lunge etc. Perform them only with right form. 

Lunges works whole of lower body and is very effective for strong glutes

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3. Glute bridges- Glute bridges are knee friendly exercise which is performed by laying down this makes it easier for those who have knee injuries as they can get same benefits from glute bridges even without doing squats and lunges. It strengthens the glutes and back, a good warm up to open up the glutes before running and high intensity training, improves balance, makes the lower body strong and toned. You can add variations like single leg glute bridge, butterfly bridge, toe bridges, walking bridges etc.

Glute bride improves balances, good for posture and increases glute strength can be done on your mat at home

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4. Donkey kicks- Donkey kicks are very effective exercise, it is low impact and knee friendly. They are highly effective and can be done with resistance bands to make it even more tough. It targets your core, hamstrings and glutes. It strengthens your lower body without giving any impact on knees so it can be done by all age groups. You can add donkey pulses. It tones your glutes, improves balance, posture and prevents knee injury. It is very important to keep your technique right to get the most of it. 

Donkey kicks is an excellent exercise for strong glutes and does not strain knees which can be done at home

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5. Deadlift- Deadlift are not only a gym exercise but can be done at home with the dumbbells you have. Deadlifts are a full body exercise which targets your core, glutes, hamstrings, legs, back and arms. It is very effective glute strengthening exercise. It tones the back of your body and gives muscles. It is very important to start with a weight of dumbbells that you are comfortable with to prevent any injury. Proper technique of a deadlift is very important to prevent back pain. 

Deadlift is effective exercise for strong glutes and can be done at home with any weights available

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Performing these exercises 2 times a week will benefit your overall health and make your lower body stronger. Our lower body goes through a lot in our daily routine and with age it can weaken which can cause injuries and pain. To avoid this it’s good to incorporate these moves for a healthy body and mind. 

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