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Must have 5 basic Nail Paint Shades

 When I was in school, I was very fond of nail polish. So much that I would buy them very frequently. I almost had all shades of nail paints. I would see a particular shade, fall in love with it immediately and buy it.   Slowly, when I came in my masters,I reduced applying them. […]

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Easy Exercises for strong glute muscles

 Exercise is supposed to be very healthy for people of all age groups. It keeps us happy by giving that Adrenaline  rush and makes our endorphins happy.  To get a strong body it is very important to strengthen certain body parts which are even working when you are working on other muscles. Glutes commonly known […]

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Indian foods to eat after tooth extraction

 Never in my dreams did I imagine that I would have to go through a tooth extraction. But sometimes you cannot avoid it due to various circumstances. For me the decision was the best to cure my problem. The very process of tooth extraction can feel daunting but it’s a simple most common surgery performed […]