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5 must have winter essentials in your closet

 The winters are here, the chilly breeze mixed with the warmth of sun looks like a typical winter morning in north India. But that does not mean that we can’t dress up. I feel that winter clothes are very smart if they are worn correctly and paired well. So it’s time to dig in your wardrobe and see if you have these basic winter clothes which are sufficient and can be worn in many ways.

Women winter basic look book

1. Basic coat- A basic coat is a must have in your closet. In winters, it will keep you warm and looks very fashionable. My favourite colours in coats are- black, cream, brown, and beige. These are very neutral colours which can go with a lot of outfits. When it comes to coat you will find variety of styles like- wrap, single breasted, double breasted, swing, princess and trench. With these many varieties of coat you can easily choose what’s best for you and your body type. Coats are a very smart investment and will last you for years. 

Basic coats from H&M and zara

2.Puffer jacket –Puffer jackets are a blessing for winters.They are very much in vogue. It is a one stop jacket which will keep you warm on those cold windy days. It is a very versatile jacket when it comes to wearing it on daily basis or even for parties. These jackets are also water resistant which is very good for those cold rainy days. Here also I like to go with basic colours so that I can wear it with almost every colour. Go for any basic colour and you will rock the look. 

Puffer jacket from Zara

3. Sweater or jumper- Sweaters look super cute and are super comfy and soft. Pairing a sweater is very easy as it goes well with jeans, leggings, trousers and skirts. Try to go for those sweaters which have a higher composition of wool because these will keep you warm and you won’t have to layer up much. When it comes to sweaters I believe in experimenting with colours for a cute and chic look. Bright colours are very eye catching in the winters. In terms of type of sweaters you can opt for a v- neck, polo neck, round neck and cardigans.

Sweater and cardigans from H&M

4. Leggings- A black warm legging is very essential for winters. I personally prefer leggings over jeans in winters. They are super versatile and can be worn with so many things. You must invest in a good black warm legging which are stretchable with a elastic waistband. They go very well with boots, sneakers as well as heels. Opt for a thick fabric. If you like leather then you can also go for leather leggings.

Zara black leggings for winters

5. Boots- Now boots are a statement piece. It is my favourite part of winter outfit. I believe that everyone should invest in a good black boots which will not only keep you warm but will alleviate your style game to a different level. My personal favourite are the knee high boots. Boots come in different height and styles, you can opt from thigh high boots to snow boots to ankle and army boots. No matter which one you choose, it is guaranteed that you cannot go wrong with them.   

Different styles of boots from zara and H&M for winters

If you have these 5 basic things in your closet then you are good to go for winters. Keep in mind that simple outfits stand out. So go for basics which can be worn in so many ways. I would recommend brands like H&M and Zara. You can easily find these in your nearest stores.

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