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How to make a long distance relationship worth the wait

 We have seen and heard in movies or from people saying that long distance does not work. But as I would like to point out that it’s all about individual perception. If two people are willing to work it out then it can turn out to be a beautiful healthy relationship for which distance will be worth the wait.

So here are a few tips on how you can make it work and love each other from distance-

  • Keep Faith- It will be wrong on your part if you assume that it will not work. If you think like this then the very core of your relationship is brittle and can be easily broken. So the first step is to keep faith in yourself, your partner as well as the relationship and keep the negative thoughts at bay to have a strong foundation. 
  • Avoid taking advice from people who are anti LDR-You will have friends and relatives who will keep giving you unwanted advice and try to surround you with negativity. They will make you feel that you are wasting your time or that it won’t work out. Best solution to this situation is keep away from unwanted advices and if you can’t avoid meeting these people just ignore what they say. 
  • Communicate with your partner as often as you can- It’s important to communicate whenever you can. Communication is the key. But let me tell you I am myself in a LDR marriage and my husband is in a remote place where there is no internet and signal so we hardly get to talk. But we make sure that whenever we do we make the most of it. So don’t think that you need to communicate all day. Even if you both have less time try to make the most of what you can from the time you have.
  • Be honest- Be honest with each other. You have to be loyal to each other which is very important in every relationship. You should have an open conversation with your partner. Do not jump to conclusions without knowing the whole story. Always talk, ask rather than assuming things. Assuming things will only make it worse.
  • Plan regarding your future and future meetings- Planning your future together as well as planning when to meet next will make you look forward to meeting each other. Plan a trip together, or doing any activity together like watching a movie or going to a new cafe in your town. As well as planning about the future gives a sense of security to each other and it also shows the efforts you are putting in. Do all this by keeping both parties interest in mind.
  • Give each other space and privacy- LDR doesn’t mean that you have to be in touch 24/7. Give each other space and respect it. If they are at work or out with family or friends, don’t call or message them all the time. There is a life outside the phone and everyone has to do their certain duties and routine work like study, go to work, have a social life and family.
  • Be there for your partner in good as well as bad days- Be there for each other no matter what the circumstances are. Show love and assurance to each other. By assuring each other as well as being for each other your bond will get stronger and you will be inseparable. Knowing that someone is always there for you makes you more stronger.
  • Keep each other informed- Keep each other informed about not only the major events but minute things of your life. You should always inform about your whereabouts and updates about important things. This way there will be no room for jealousy and will always make other person feel important. Sharing these small things will keep trust in each other.
  • Have your own life- It’s very important to have your own hobbies and interests. You must keep yourself busy. Keep in touch with your friends and family. Many a times either of you will be too busy which might make the other one feel unwanted and leading to misunderstandings. So keep yourself busy and be happy in your own life and space. 

So it’s very simple, there are no hard and fast rules about how to make it work. It totally depends on every relationship and also wether both the partners are willing to make it work. Not only LDR but every relationship requires time, consistency and efforts. At the end of the day if you really love your partner you will make it work no matter what.

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