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10 Must have equipment’s to workout from home


This pandemic has changed our lives in many ways and one of them is the idea of working out. We usually think that for exercise we have to hit the gym, go for a run outside but little did we know that we could workout from the convenience of our home.

We all are aware of the benefits of exercising regularly. Various health guidelines recommend to get at least 150 minutes of exercise per week for a healthy body.

Apart from weight loss, exercise also boost our mood and keeps negative thoughts at bay. It is wrong to assume that one can only loose weight at the gym. Weight loss needs consistency wether at gym or home. So now that you can workout from the comfort of your home then ditch the gym and invest in these equipment’s for a strong body.

  1. Exercise mat- No matter what exercise you are doing even if it’s High intensity interval training, strength training or yoga you will definitely need an exercise mat which protects your knees and joints to avoid any type of injuries. If you are someone who is into a lot of hiit go for a non-slip, strong grip mat which is thick. For low impact like yoga you can opt for a lighter mat. But make sure that whatever mat you buy it should be sweat absorbent with a good grip. These mats are easily Available on Amazon.
  2. Dumbbells- Dumbbells are a staple when it comes to building strength. One must choose the weights of the dumbbells according to their level. If you are new to weight training then go for lighter ones and slowly build strength for the heavier ones. Choose the ones which have a comfortable grip and do not slip. They come in cute colours and are easily available online.
  3. Resistance bands- These bands work you upper body as well as the lower body. They help in toning different muscle groups and is good for beginners too. You can tie them up anywhere at home to work the desired muscle. Make sure they are strong and not easily breakable.
  4. Hip resistance band- These bands focus on your hips, thighs and glutes particularly. They target these muscles by isolating them. It makes the workout more challenging. You can use them while doing squats, glute bridges. They range from light- medium-heavy. Make sure to purchase the ones which do not roll up.
  5. Skipping Rope- Skipping is very good form of cardio. It gets your heart rate up and leaves you sweaty by the end of every session. To have a quick and simple cardio workout at home you can invest in skipping ropes which can be done anywhere and anytime.
  6. Kettlebell- Kettlebell gives a whole body workout. It helps in building strength and tones the entire body. Best part is that they are only one and are handy. Just like dumbbells you must choose the weight of the kettle bell according to your level. Do not jump into the heavy ones if you are not use to it. Make sure you buy one with a comfortable grip.
  7. Yoga block- Yoga blocks are not only beneficial for yoga lovers but also helps in stretching. It can be used as an extension and support for the arms as well the the legs in order to go deeper into a stretch. With the help of this you can be more flexible.
  8. Medicine ball- A medicine ball is very useful for the core exercises. It also helps in balancing of the body. If you want to work you lower body you can go in for a bigger one. It can be also used in a full body explosive workout.
  9. Pylo Box- If you are into CrossFit and jumps then this equipment is a blessing. Make sure to invest in these only if you have strong knees and joints. Do not perform box jumps without following the proper technique because it might lead to injury. People with good mobility can perform box jumps, step ups as well as push up with these.
  10. Foam roller- We all love that stretch after a good workout and for that foam roller really helps. It helps in recovery, realises any tension, pain or soreness in the muscle. 

With these equipments you can easily create your mini gym at home. Remember that it is your consistency and dedication which can make you fit. Once you start working out regularly you will see major improvements in your life. So what’s your excuse?

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