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My favourite Indian brands from Myntra for festive season

 I can feel the excitement of the festive season in the air. Can you? This is one of my favourite season when festivities are around the corner which means having to eat a lot of sweets , spend time with family, decorating the house and most importantly getting a chance to dress up.This is the […]

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How to make a long distance relationship worth the wait

 We have seen and heard in movies or from people saying that long distance does not work. But as I would like to point out that it’s all about individual perception. If two people are willing to work it out then it can turn out to be a beautiful healthy relationship for which distance will […]

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Going back to the Oldest Port City of India- Lothal

 As a history student I have always been inclined to visit as many historical sites as I can. I was fortune enough to get a chance to visit one of the oldest civilisation of the world- Lothal in Gujarat belonging to the The Indus Valley Civilisation. Lothal has been a very important port town and […]

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My Makeup Vanity haul👑

 Over the years, I have come across so many makeup brands, some I  added in my makeup kit and some I regret buying. I generally don’t use makeup on a daily basis as I prefer to let my skin breathe.  So here are a list of my makeup products which I use for parties, festivals, […]

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How did I cope with my anxiety during the Covid-19 pandemic?

 I would be lying if I say that I have never had anxiety before and that during the pandemic it become worse. The very thought of a pandemic was enough to trigger it. As soon as I realised I knew that I had to change this immediately. So I started taking some measures to prevent […]

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10 Must have equipment’s to workout from home

  This pandemic has changed our lives in many ways and one of them is the idea of working out. We usually think that for exercise we have to hit the gym, go for a run outside but little did we know that we could workout from the convenience of our home. We all are […]